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  • DC: $2.99 – 32 pages – November 2010

The story stars with the Indigo Tribe turning up by the side of an ambulance car crash, where they, plus a compassionate Black Hand, then bestow upon an injured paramedic, Shane Thompson, the indigo hued entity... Proselyte. Next the scene changes to Livonia, Michigan, where Barry (the Flash) Allen and Hal (Green Lantern) Jordan are having a discussion about the entities whilst standing by Saint Walker and the newly chastised ‘hope entity’, Adara, also known as Nicole Morrison. Here Barry denigrates Hal’s unity with the spectrum of light, and offers to replace them with other heroes. But Hal dismisses Barry’s plea, stating that the Flash and the ‘other’ Earth heroes are not equipped to deal with the ‘entity dilemma’. Meanwhile, on Oa, Salaak and the Guardians discuss a discrepancy with Hal – deciding that what is required; is to place a trail on Hal, one routed on Earth. Then, back on Earth, Flash and Green Lantern continue their discussion, but are suddenly interrupted by Black Hand and the Indigo Tribe: where it is discovered that their Indigo ring controls the wearer – and then the yellow Parallax entity: who abruptly possesses the Flash.

This issue continues Hal’s investigations relating to the spectrum entities, and posses a very interesting question voiced by the Flash – why is Hal allying himself with the eclectic multi-coloured jamboree, and not asking for the aide of the J.L.A. instead? I think that this is one of those questions which some comic book fan-boys have asked themselves for an issue or two, and are now really grateful to hear it vocalised by the Flash. That’s what I like about Geoff’s writing, it’s as thoe he is channelling the ‘inner fan-boy’ and spewing it out all over his work. Say that thoe, this issue is a difficult one to judge on its own, as it just acts as a bridge from one plot point to another (or previous issue to the next). Still, this dialogue profound issue is a really nice change of pace than the usual multi-coloured battle, and feeds upon the whole entity conglomerate of colours, expanding it a few paces more.  So far I am enjoying this follow on storyline leading out from Blackest Night, I just hope that Geoff and Mahkne can add to this, and enhance it, making this storyline into something which is as memorable as Geoff’s previous works. And to be honest with you, I think that this is entirely possible. A good read.

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