At the end of last issue, Barry (The Flash) Allen was possessed by the ‘Fear Entity’ known as Parallax. And at the start of this issue, the possessed Flash is currently in battle with emotionally scorned friend, Hal (Green Lantern) Jordan. The reason that Hal is emotional, is because he has been where Barry is before, and during the battle he highlights this fact to him, whilst also trying to expunge this entity from his friend. In turn, Parallax berates Hal because of his emotions, an act which develops the carnage blow, POW! By blow, BAFF! By blow, THWAK! Suddenly, Parallax is subdued by a shadowy figure draped in a cape. This figure explains to Hal that he was the one who controlled all the entities before the Guardians did, and due to their recent unleashing he should do so again. But alas, when Hal subsequently questions this remark, the shadowy figure manages to take control of Hal’s ION aspect within his ring. Then, out of the blue, some of the other ‘entity tribes’ show up and defend Hal. And in so doing – provokes this figure to remove the entities from the possessed Humans (Flash amongst them) and then reveal himself to be Krona, the Renegade Guardian.

BANG! POW BIFF! Boy-oh-boy, this fight-e-rific issue of Green Lantern has it all!!!! It has a possessed friend – it has exposition – it has a funny looking hamster-man with an orange power ring – and it also has... gasp...  Krona! That’s right! I said Krona. Now for those you who don’t know who Krona is, SHAME ON YOU!!! Go back to comic book school and learn some more about DC’s pre-crisis continuity. Krona’s been around since the 60’s, and he was the one who instigated the whole crisis on infinite earth’s debacle in the mid 80’s. So for him to be here, right now, must mean something to this current ‘light entity thing’ which Johns has come up with. And while I’m on the subject of John’s, let me ignore him for the moment (as I am always singing the git’s praise) and concentrate of artist, Doug Mahnke .Now apart from having a silly surname, Doug is great artist. In each issue he seems to be putting more and more onto the page, literary filling it to the brim with power and confidence fit for a Green Lantern book. Sometimes thoe, the page dues appear a tad too much cluttered, looking more cumbersome due to the overabundant colouring – especially in the multi-coloured fight scenes. But this is just a minor critique (like myself) and overall Doug’s work is as outstanding as his silly surname. Back to the review (for use of a better word) this issue is a good issue, amping up the tension for the months to come with a much more brighter Green Lantern comic than ever. Movie-dom awaits.