Superboy Jacket Did you know that nigh on every single superhero who ever existed, at one time or another had a single piece of apparel in common? True. It was the overcoat. OK, I have to admit, heroes like Batman and Superman normally sport a cape rather than a jacket. But that is not to say that they have never utilized this item of outerwear whenever they were in cold conditions, or when the weather was strangely perverse. Here, when you can, check out some of these...

Superhero Coats and Jackets

Wolverine Movie Leather Jacket

Spiderman Crawler Faux Leather Kids Jacket

Spiderman Go Spidey! Kids Jacket

Spiderman Spider Sense Kids Jacket

Superman Kryptonian Rocket Kids Jacket

Thor Asgardian Hero Kids Jacket

Spiderman Young Hero Kids Jacket

Batman Tough Knight Kids Jacket

Spiderman Black Suit Twill Jacket

Wolverine Weapon X Kids Twill Jacket

Iron Man Classic Power Suit Twill Jacket

Hulk SMASH Twill Jacket

Iron Man '63 Varsity Kids Twill Jacket

Thor "It's Hammer Time" Kids Twill Jacket

Spiderman Web Slinger Twill Kids Jacket

X-Men Classic Kids Twill Jacket

Captain America Red Track Jacket

Star Wars Stormtrooper Track Jacket

Batman Symbol Dark Knight Twill Jacket

The Joker Kids Twill Jacket

Spiderman Back in Black Twill Jacket

Punisher Symbol Track Jacket

X-Men Xavier Institute Track Jacket

Punisher Crossed Arms Of Death Twill Jacket

Star Wars Darth Vader Track Jacket

Captain America American Hero Kids Jacket

Star Wars Stormtrooper Hooded Lettermans Jacket

Star Wars Rebel Force Symbol Track Jacket

Punisher Bradstreet Death Special Twill Jacket

Captain America Symbol Hooded Lettermans Jacket

Iron Man Hooded Lettermans Jacket

Spiderman Black Suit Kids Jacket

S.H.I.E.L.D. Symbol Track Jacket

Captain America Justice Kids Jacket

Hulk '63 Varsity Kids Twill Jacket

Batman Juvy Caped Costume Raincoat

Superman Juvy Caped Costume Raincoat

Spiderman Eyes Over NY Twill Jacket

Star Wars Imperial Hooded Lettermans Jacket

What a great selection, huh? Though if their isn't something in this list that does not float your boat, please check out some of the Coats and Jacket by linking on the link. But before you do...

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