The Break Up Cover There always come a time in every relationship, when something either tears it apart, or else makes it stronger. Heck, be it by happenstance or by design, these things always find themselves happening! So what do you do about it? Cry? Scream? Fight? Laugh? Or like me, watch this film Directed by Peyton Reed; and Starring: Jennifer Aniston, Vince Vaughn, Joey Lauren Adams, and Jon Favreau. It was made in 2006, and last for 105 minutes.

The Break-Up

Please say hello to love-bugs, Gary and Brooke (Vince Vaugh and Jennifer Aniston) – a very diametrically opposed couple, with diametrically opposed family’s, and a diametrically opposed way of life.

For example; Gary works in his fathers company as a tour guide of old Chicago town. Whereas Brooke works in an art gallery owned by famed artist, Marylyn Dean.

Now after a whirlwind courtship together, these two love-bugs move into an apartment in a rather plush side of Chicago. Great news, right? No - I am afraid not. Because as time passes, and they start to get to know each other a little bit more, they both come to realize how different they actually are, thus causing them to break up.


Granted, at first, neither party really takes this split seriously, and they play just jovial games with each other, just to curb their stance in this matter. However, as even more time passes by, joviality starts to turns into bitterness, causing Gary and Brooke’s to fight, and then put their apartment up for sale not so long after.

But do you honestly think that this is going to end their? No - same here. Brook paraded around naked in her apartment in front of Gary. Gary makes more mess and noise in the apartment whenever Brooke is around. Brooke starts dating men just to turn Gary jealous. Plus Gary gets a stripper to dance provocatively in front of him during a drunken card game.

Well, I suppose that is why what next transpires is a right finality to an affair. As apartments are sold - love is not always so bold - couples do drift - and traveling provides a gift.

Now before I get to my review about 'The Break-Up', please allow me give you a bit of back-story on myself first. OK, so like most of you out there in cyberspace, I am sure that you have known a member of the opposite sex during your time on this planet, as well as spent some 'quality time' with them as well (if you get my gist). I am also sure that you might know how it feels when you and your 'partner' decide to 'spit', right? It's confusing. It's irritating. And you argue about the most trivial matters, just for the sake of speaking to each other (she stole my copy of 'The Dark Knight Returns'). Therefore, when you watch a film like this one, on a certain level you can understand what the characters are going through? And take sides accordingly.

Well, except if I saw Jennifer Aniston naked, I would defiantly tell Vince to p*ss off, and move in myself. Correct?

Jennifer Aniston's ass in The Break Up

Oh! Here some other things I would tell Vince too. (1) Jeniffer Aniston's godfather is 'Telly Savalas', which was the name of her 'wax job' in this flick. (2) Vince put on a lot of weight in this movie, which he attributed to giving up smoking. (3) Jen was divorcing Brad Pitt during this film. And in one of her scenes she is seen reading a magazine with Angelina Jolie on the cover. (4) The original ending of this movie was re-shot after a test screening. Although the 're-shot' one is basically the same thing in a different way. (5) Jen only wore Generra Jeans in this film. (6) This is the fourth movie Vince and Jon Favreau have been in together. And (7) Vincle Vaughns Dad plays Jen's Dad in this film.

Vince and Jen in The Break Up

OK, enough about trivia and back-story for the moment, what about 'The Break-Up'? Is it a good 'rom-com'? Yes - though I would not call it a 'rom-com'. In fact, what I would call it is the ‘anti-rom-com’ instead. Well, that’s not to say that it isn't romantic at times, because it is in places. Or that it’s not funny either, as it is as well. It’s just not the usual formulaic boy meets girl > boy fall’s in love with girl > yadda-yadda-yadda > Hollywood usually spews out.

Honestly, both Aniston and Vaughn are just great in their roles. Not hamming it up to much, or playing each scene for the sake of a pay check. It’s a great film, and I just preyed all the way through that they weren't going to get back together at the end.

The Break Up Wallpaper

Listen, please don’t take my previous statement the wrong way - because as 'people' they both have really nice character traits, and quirks which are genuinely appealing to witness. Moreover, their supporting cast, Joey Lauren Adams, Judy Davis, Justin Long, and Jon Favreau, as pull off great performances to boot. It’s just that with what they put each other through in this flick, and how they behave to each other, they just don’t seem to belong together at this stage in their lives.

Anyway, Jennifer Aniston is mine Vaughn, she’s all mine, HahaHhahHAHAHAH... ahem.

Errmm... as I was saying, in watching this film evolve in the way that it has, for them to end it with the usual kissy-kissy-pukey-pukey way that Hollywood would always do, would not do the overall story justice. Instead, they went for the coy Hollywood ending - and a promise that a possible reconciliation could be somewhere on the horizon.

Sniff? Can you smell The Break Up 2 coming soon? Or is someone on fire?

Great film – nicely acted – well told – and enjoyable to watch... JENNIFER!!!!!


THE BREAK UP THE BREAK UP Reviewed by David Andrews on January 12, 2011 Rating: 5
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