Paul McCartney and his second band 'Wings' (i.e. not the Beatles), once performed a song called 'Band on the Run'. It was a rather catchy song, with pleasant lyrics that seemed to go along with the beat. But I cannot help but wonder if he would have rather been doing something with John Lennon instead? A dilemma mirrored in this very issue, one Written by Geoff Johns; Drawn by Scott Kolins; and Published by DC Comics, in January 2011. 

Welcome to Reverse-Flash: Rebirth! After Captain Boomerang helped him escape in the previous issue, Eobard Thawne runs free to recollect his origins. Eobard was born in the 25th Century, a cold and sterile world, were the time was precious – accident’s deemed illegal – and the concept of imagination frowned upon. To curb this latter concept from Eobard’s mind, his parents decided to have another child, Robern, to help him with his social skills, as well as to ease the family’s tax bracket.
But alas, this didn’t seem to nurture him in any way. In fact, quite some time later, Robern was the official member who caught Eobard for illegal studying of the Flash lore outside the Flash museum! Or Did he? As out of the darkness, an older Eobard, the Reverse-Flash, erases Robern from existence, and now Eobard is a lonely child. From this point onwards, Eobard’s origins become somewhat fragmented. He befriends Professor Drake at the flash museum – he is the professor at the flash museum. His parents try to curb Eobard’s flash obsession by councillor intervention – by accident, Eobards parents and a councillor dies in a car crash – Eobard falls in love – Eobard tries to fall in love – Eobard never falls in love. Eventually, this paradox finally stabilises itself when Eobard discovers a Time capsule from the past, one which has the Flash’s costume inside, helping him turn himself into the Flash. For a short time anyway. 

I have to admit, at first, I was disappointed that this issue was another rogue-centric issue, following from Captain Boomerang’s tenure in the last. But I have to say, that after reading it, this is one of the most captivating single issue stories I have read in a long time. Firstly, this rehashing of the Reverse-Flash’s origins is needed for today’s current readers, who are most probably more familiar with his predecessor, Professor Zoom. Secondly, this account not only gives us a new perspective on Eobard’s harsh origins, but also a slightly more innovative version as well. It does this too, without erasing what has come first, but rather adds to it in a complementary way. Finally, this issue gives a brand new take on the origin concept, by having the modern day Reverse-Flash affecting the outcome of his past life in a brash and bold manner. This is what makes this issue stand out from other ‘origin stories’, as this somewhat shocking device allows Eobard to screw about with his life as he sees fit. Where does John’s come up with this stuff? He’s taken a tried and tested staple of comic book lore, the origin, and then taken it to new heights. Well done mate, as well as for the comic book styling’s of Scott Kolin’s perfect pencil work. A must read for any Flash fans... even if the Flash isn’t in it.