DC: $2.99 – December 2010

Atrocitus, a bearer of the red light of rage, is on the hunt to find the Red Entity, the Butcher, before this elemental being is captured by the renegade Oan, Krona. Over time, this venture leads him to an electrocution chamber, where one James Kim is awaiting to witness the death of his daughters murderer. The murderer abates Kim for his absence during his trail, provoking Kim to such an extent, that he forces the Butcher into existence to inhabit his being. Thankfully the Spectre turns up and attempts to prohibit his path. But alas, even with the subsequent help from Atrocitus, the Butcher consumes James and gives him the power to pass judgment onto his daughter’s murderer... death. Now abated by his vengeance, the Butcher is easily exhumed from James’s body and incarcerated into Atrocitus’ power battery by Atrocitus and the Spectre. But it does not end their, oh no, as the Spectre has to place judgement onto James for his actions. Something that Atrocitus defends against... not the end.

This issue of Green Lantern centres on Atrocitus’ quest for the Red Entity, the Butcher. Now if there is a flaw within this issue, it’s that Green Lantern isn’t in it. But apart from that, it’s really a good read. For a start, it continues the Spectre’s conflict with the Red Entity of Rage from the Blackest Night saga, as well as highlighting the current Krona dilemma running through this book. Also, it concentrates on Atrocitus himself, and expands upon his personal character development, and how this interacts within the Green Lantern universe. I find that this is a good thing all in all, as it makes Atrocitus a more well rounded figure, giving him more than just the single facet of an ‘angry alien’. You can tell by the way Geoff Johns writes this issue, that he has another overall strategy for the Green Lantern universe, one which seems to be coming to fruiting with the current inclusion of Krona back into modern continuity. On top of that, he is aided and abetted in this task by penciler extraordinaire, Doug Mahnke, whose bold and dynamic visuals makes this whole experience much more entertaining. The only draw back with all this thoe, is that because the expectation are high with the outcome of this arc, Geoff and Doug have to deliver at the end, and not cop-out with another arc to follow this one. Go for it lads, I know you have it in you... as well as the Blue hued Light of hope.