Did you know how big the internet is? No? Shame, I was hoping you could tell me. As I know it’s big – very big – very, very, very big – very, very, very, very big – very, very, very, very, ver... ahem... it’s big anyway. And I thought of a good idea to make it a little bit smaller again, with your help of course. If you have a website, a facebook page, a blog, or some other such internet related thing-a-mi-jig that you want to promote, let us link ours together, which will help us both in two different ways:

1)     To get a high Google page-rank, you need to populate your domain name (i.e. www) upon many different sites –  this is so Goggle can trawl your domain into their system. So in theory, the more that your domain is seen though out the web, the higher your page ranking.
2)     The Internet is a community of sorts, a cyber community that needs to work together if we want to make it a more homely place. Social networking sites are all the rage nowadays, and try their best to bring people closer together. Sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes this is a bad thing, but all in all, communication is the key to a prosperous future. Let’s communicate.

So their you have it, simple really, I’ll display your website on my website, and you display my website on yours. If you want to know more, please contact me (click here), and lets all make the internet a better place.