• DC: $2.99 – January 2011

The Teen Titans are in a right pickle at the moment, still battling the three super powered teenagers within the confines of an entombed high school. Thoe in all honesty it does appear that both Robin and Ravenger are doing a lot better down in the cafeteria with a cadre full of zombies, than Superboy, Beast Boy, Wonder Girl, and Raven are doing upstairs in the hallway with the main three protagonist. Especially when Barney (or ‘Headcase’ as he is called in this issue) suddenly conjures up a black hole with his magnetic powers, just to suck everyone up into it. Prudently, Raven quick snatches Kid Flash – who is recuperating in Azrath – and together they both manage to subdue Headcases ploy – with Kid Flash destroying the black hole – and by Raven using her soul-self on him. In the aftermath of this battle, the school is cleared away by building contractors and the teenagers are all sent home, whilst the Teen Titan, and Doctor Caligan, likewise go back to there respective domains to lick their respective wounds. For the Teen Titans this means a resolution of sorts between Superboy and Wonder Girl, and for Damian (Robin) Wayne it means a re-evaluation of his time with the team – plus a distress call from Tim (Red Robin) Drake.

Hmmmm? Ohhhhh? Ahhhhhh? Teen Titans a go-go? Maybe no-no? More like Teen Titans a Playdo, if you get my drift? As at the moment, this team does seem a bit malleable in the scheme of things. And what I mean by this, is thoe both character and story are apparent in this book, something is still not clicking right, making this current incarnation half-intangible / half-apparent – malleable even. Initially I just put it down to Scott’s line work, as on the one hand, it is bold, clear, and dynamic, but on the other, it appears bland, cheesy, and safe. Then I thought maybe its something to do with Krull writing, as just like Scott, it ticks all the boxes yet un-ticks them at the same time. Now this is not to say that Teen Titans is a total waste of time, no way, as it does manage to gage the reader on a certain level, giving a well thought out plot – a fractured character study – and overall a development within the title. I especially liked the tease to Barts apparent death at the hands of the Rogue’s, as well as Damian’s progression within this team. As he upgrades himself from brat who hates everyone, to brat who hates nigh on everyone except Ravager. Please continue the motion!!!!!!