• MARVEL: $3.99, January, 2011

In this ultimate chapter of ‘Wolverine Goes to Hell’, Wolverine – still in Hell – comes face to face with his dead father, giving Daddy Dearest the time to say to Li’l Logan how proud he is of his son. However, whilst this is happening, all around them demons and hellspawn rip each other to pieces, just so that one of them can hold possession of the blade of hell – the Soulcutter. Prudently, Puck warns Wolverine of this, urging him to steps forth and relinquish this blade from Sabertooth, and he does this to, by cutting off his head in the process. Meanwhile, on Earth, Ghost Rider and Mystique manages to drag the devil spawned Wolverine into a Church so that the Son of Satan can exhume the evil spirit from within him. Thankfully, this deed is done in the nick of time, allowing the ‘normal’ Wolverine to escape from Hell – reluctantly leaving behind both Puck and Mariko, plus not so reluctantly punching his father in the face – so that he can once more inhabit his corporal frame.  But strangely enough, as soon as this happens, Wolverine manically runs free, out of the church, falling by the wayside smack dab onto the heals of the X-Men. In the back up feature, it is briefly explained how Wolverine found himself in hell to begin with.

Now what do I think about this first story-arc in this new series of Wolverine? Well to be honest with you I have mixed feelings. As on the one hand it does produce a consistent and righteous read, following on from the whole Bad Wolverine / Mean Wolverine dilemma. Whilst on the other hand the end result does seem a bit too pat for me, as victories are accomplished, and plot threats are resolved. OK, I understand that the bad boy himself has to escape hell, and that he has to get back to his body also. But it’s just the way in which it’s done that’s a mite clichéd for my liking. So what did I expect, Wolverine to come back sporting wings and a blond moustache doing the cha-cha! No – thoe that wouldn’t be such a bad idea – it’s just that this ‘nick of time’ thing has been done to death time and again, that I thought that this rather sold creative team of Aaron and Guedes could have come up with something better. Listen now, I don’t want to put too much of a downer on this conclusion, as in some way I am sure the best is yet to come – as this is what is implied by all in sundry at the end of the yarn. Just please don’t disappoint us you crazy banana’s you, I know that you can produce good work – as you did this issue with your abundant narrative and simple plot. So go ahead punk, make my day... BANG! (Please note: Obligatory Clint Eastwood quote intentional by free association and high medication).