The road to Flashpoint starts here, interrupting Barry (The Flash) Allen during the nefarious death of the Elongated kid!!!! This instalment is brought to you by Writer: Geoff Johns; Artist: Francis Manapul; and Published by DC Comics on February 2011.

A futuristic helmeted biker blasts his way out of nowhere into Central City, with the intention of putting his hands on the one and only, Barry Allen. But Barry is predisposed at the moment, tied up in a case involving the discovery of an aged body draped in the garb of Barry’s dead chum, Elongated man. Obviously, this body is not he, instead it is an aged body of the recent new hero that has taken up Barry’s chums mantel – the Elongated kid. But why does the kid appear so old in death? That is what Barry wants to know. And why isn’t Barry at a family picnic? That is what Iris wants to know. Also, why are all the police doing so much overtime because of Barry? That is what disgruntled detective wants to know? And most importantly, what is the identify of the futuristic bike rider, whom sometime later, back at Barrys office, confronts him? Well, these questions can be answered in a roundhouse fashion: Death, Gingold? – Absence, Scared Barry – Overtime, Lazy Cops – Biker, Barry Allen. That’s right, the futuristic biker is Barry Allen from a parallel dimension, and he now wants our Barry to help him with a time paradox.

Good issue – slightly misleading from the cover’s subheading, as it should have red ‘betokened teaser, to some event which should make DC a bit of cash’, but I can understand why they went with ‘The Road to Flashpoint’ instead, it is less wordy.  Shame this issue was not more wordy! It was kind of quick in the reading, and just sets up the first little bit of the story, allowing the preceding chapters to take up the strain – just like the first 15 minutes of CSI: NY. And to be honest with you, I was more intrigued by the whole Elongated Kid’s death than the whole ‘road to Flashpoint’ thingy-mi-jigg. But-what-ya-gonna-do? It was also nice seeing some of the old gang back in the book as well, as Wally has been missing somewhat in the DCU of late, and even thoe he only had a sentence in this issue, it was nice to know that he has not been forgotten. And in essence that is what this issue represents in the whole Flash saga – forgotten heroes – Elongated mans death has not been addressed yet, as well as some of the reprisals of ‘Flash: Rebirth’. OK, I am sure all this will come out in the long-run, it just seems that DC has other plans at the moment for the Flash family, obviously this whole ‘Flashpoint’ saga. So come on Johns and Manipul, get all this out of the way so we can get to the nitty-gritty of Flash! Good issue, very quick in the reading.