Frankie Howerd - Rather You Than Me CoverOhhhh! Don’t you dare? You dirty so and so you! Now if you would like to hear more of this eclectic twaddle, as well as couple of ‘nice boys’ doing the mumbo-jumbo, have I got a film for you. This titty-titty-bah-bah, was Directed by: John Alexander; and Stars: David Walliam and Rafe Spall. It did a bit of house-your-father in 2008, and lasted for whole 60 minutes. Bloody cheek?

Frankie Howerd - Rather You Than Me

Dennis Heymer (Rafe Small), first met Frankie Howard (David Williams), whilst he was busking tables at a nightclub in Checkers. And what do you think that he thought of him? That he was very funny because he was a comedian? Or that he was very rich because he was on the stage? Err - most probably - but on top of that - it was love at first sight as well.

In turn, though, Frankie's feeling about Dennis was rather strained. At first, he seemed to like him - which is why they spent the 'evening together'. Next, he did not - which is why he kicked him out the door the very next day. And finally, after some time had passed, and Frankie's performances took a nose dive, they 'joined forces' so to speak - and Frankie hired Dennis as his 'chauffeur'.

Well, when I say that Dennis was Frankie's 'chauffeur', obviously I mean much more than that. He was a social companion to flaunt in front of close friends. He was an aide whom he introduced to his mother. And he was a living companion that tidied his house.

So everything turned out great for the two of them, huh? No - I am afraid not - because Frankie was a self destructive soul and cheated on Dennis with another man - leading to a parting of ways.

However, as time passes, and Frankie's career and health dwindled once more, he was helped by his ‘gal-pal’, Jane, to win back Dennis's love - going so far as to allow him to 'manage' his life in an official capacity. Plus, in addition to this, Frankie also tried to 'sort out' his own 'sexual orientation' in the process - by partaking in a diverse therapeutic form of 'healing'.

Och! Poor Frankie! What the hell will come of this, huh? Err - I suppose - that is why what next transpired takes him and Dennis from their youth to old men. As relatives dwindle - partners mingle - careers jingle - and charity saves the day.

When I first saw this bio-pic on legendary British comedian, Frankie Howard, I thought to myself, “Poor b*st*rd, why do all the greats have to be such troubled souls?”. Moreover, my distraught was not only in regard of this great mans plight, but also, I would have liked this depiction to have been a lot longer – well, lets face it, sixtie minutes is not enough to chronicle the life of this camp vaudevillian comedian.

However, 'Frankie Howard - Rather You Than Me' is not a conventional bio-pic, is it? It is more of an account relating to a beginning of 'a relationship' between a man and his manager.

And boy-oh-boy, what a relationship it was? OOOFFF!

Frankie Howerd - Rather You Than Me

Please note, if you are a bit of a prude where homosexual proclivity is concerned, you best stay away from this one -- because this film does border on the crude on occasion. Still, you can turn a blind eye to all that is you want, and just absorb yourself into the story itself -- one that is rather benign in the telling, and bold in its execution.

I found that David Walliams was the spit of Frankie in his performance - as he has that ability to do the brash as well as the desperate at the drop of a hat. Rafe also does a good job of holding this story together too - as once you accept that this tale is told from his perspective, the journey is that much more personal.

Well, lets face it, it is a personal story, huh? It tells of the secret love between two men, at a time in which this type of 'relationship' was frowned upon. Though, I was not frowning I can tell you - I just felt ‘poor b*st*rd’.

And, personally speaking, if a film can make you feel, especially if you are not 'that way inclined’, it is a good film, right?

I wonder what Frankie would say about this film though? Would he sigh away from the crude bits like I did? Would he love it for what it was? Here, check out this video clip (it is 10 minutes long), because I think that this might help us answer this question...

Frankie Howard: Rather You Than Me’ an apt title for a short and moving great-film.  


FRANKIE HOWERD - RATHER YOU THAN ME FRANKIE HOWERD - RATHER YOU THAN ME Reviewed by David Andrews on March 31, 2011 Rating: 5
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