Oi you! Yes, you! Pug face. Whose eyes are glaring at the computer screen, as if your retinas were glued upon it. What are you doing inside on this thing? Go out. Outside. Into the wild unknown, and gallivant naked amongst the familiar meadows of daring do. OK, so you don’t necessarily have to be naked – or gallivanting for that matter – but there is a big wide world out there, ready for you to do with as you wish. Seriously speaking (damn!), for your eye health alone, you should temper your computing usage with hourly intervals. Moreover, it’s good mentally to just have a change of scenery from time to time; especially if what you are doing on this old bucket of bolts, is of a strenuous nature (like reading this). So go on then, shift your butt, and do something outside.

Zen Garden Goddess

“But what should I do?” you’d whine, “And why outside?” you’d continue. Now what would I say to that? Nothing – nish – de-nadda – kaput – zilch – dibo-deh – Jack. Well? I would not have to now, would I?  All I’d have to do is give you a well placed, SLAP! Before telling you about all those marvelous things that could make your day that much sweeter.

Like what? Well, if you are feeling energetic, you could participate in numerous outdoor sporting activities, such as soccer – tennis – volleyball – hang-gliding – bungee jumping – callisthenics – monkey wresting – giraffe mangling – donkey slapping – or my own personal favourite, bird watching (if you know what I mean?).  Else, you could do something more domesticated; and grab your laundry bag and then hang up your washing.

OK, I know that this does not seem as glamorous as the others. Nonetheless, it is something that will take you away from the computer screen for a while.

Why not could grab your Stephen Joseph backpack and then go hiking in the wood afterwards? Or, if you are feeling a touch more creative, why not venture into your garden and do a spot of landscaping? These are only a couple of suggestions you know, and they do allow you some special ‘me time’, so that you can stretch your legs and do something other than computer-bating.

My personal favorite out of the bunch is gardening. Have you ever planted something by seed, and then watched it bloom? If not, you are missing a great deal of pleasure. Think of it as if you have made something out of nothing – it is magical.

I once saw some Dallas Landscaping experts do just that. And my god, did they ever transform this garden, from a pile of dirty twigs and weeds, to something that I would really love to lounge around in.

Oh! That’s an idea? Lounge. Don’t lounge in front of a computer screen, lounge outside in the garden! The air is cleaner, the sounds are much sweeter, and you won’t get as much eye strain.

Unless a bird poo’s in your eye?