How many Green Lanterns does it take to change a light bulb? At least six – one to insert the bulb, and the rest to pose around him just to make the scene look dynamic. Good joke? No... I didn’t think so either. But what is good, is this installment Written by: Geoff Johns; Art by Doug Mahnke; and Published by DC Comics on March 2011.

The renegade Guardian, Krona, is back, and this time he has brought his entities along with him. Obviously, Hal (Green Lantern) Jordon and the rest of his not-so ‘merry men’, are deterred by this turn of events – none more so than Hal – who tries his utmost to blast this blue hued bad-boy back into oblivion. But alas, this comes to no avail, and just gives Krona the excuse to shrug off Hal’s attack – elaborate on his own beginnings – and then pontificate on the foreseeable future. Atrocious is next, trying to cut Krona down to size with his mouth, CHOMP!

But in turn, Krona takes something off of him, his entity, RAGE. This sight prompts Hal and the gang to try to subdue Krona in any which way possible. However, all they get in return is a face full of white light, a bash on the head, and glimpse of the future before they pass out. Hal wakes up, some time later, in the presence of his JLA brethren – Batman, Superman, and the Flash – who try to warn him that he will need help to defeat Krona, especially considering Hal’s track record. Thoe Hal just shrugs off this warning, and then goes off with his fellow ‘Lights-men’, for their next stage in this tale... to be continued.

OK, I like this issue of Green Lantern, but I like it for all the wrong reasons – let me explain. Primarily, this issue is a fight / exposition issue, in which dramatic poses are flexed, and a story is relayed. Now on the surface this may seem somewhat a-typical for most comic books fare, but the way it is done is heightened by Doug’s art and Geoff’s words. You can tell by the way that this issue is structured, that this is all leading up to something – that something being the ‘War of the Green Lanterns’ event promoted within the book. OK again, not very original, but still, a titivating tale that will lead to the next. Obviously, Geoff has something up his sleeve with Krona and the whole ‘entity fiasco’, and I am sure that this will be something vivid, bold, and elaborate, just as he has done before. I just hope that this plethora of Green Lantern events is not something that will dilute the character in anyway, and is just used to promote the franchise as if it was another Hollywood production. Green Lantern and the Corps has been in existence for over forty years by now, and even thoe Geoff seems to be trying to reflect that in his work, sometimes it feels as if it is a commodity, and used, as I said before, for promotional purposes. Still, respect has been shown in this issue, and thusly makes me like it, even thoe for the wrong reasons.