Run, Fatboy, Run Cover Running is a way of life nowadays. It’s good for the body. It’s good for the soul. And it’s also a good topic to make into a rom-com too. Moreover, this exhaustive form of exercise is brought to you – in filmic form – by Director: David Schwimmer; plus Actors: Simon Pegg, Thandie Newton, Hank Azaria, and Dylan Moran. It was ran in 2007, and took about 95 minutes to complete. Yahooooo!

Run, Fatboy, Run

Now in a very perverse manner, I find that monkey-faced cretin, Dennis Doyle (Simon Peg), is quite proficient at running. Five years ago, he ran away from his pregnant fiancée, Libby (Thandie Newton), on the same day that they were supposed to get married. Currently, he runs after shoplifters at his place of work, as a so-called security guard. Whenever his landlord, Mr. Goshdashtidar (Harish Patel), asks him for his rent, he runs downstairs to his basement apartment. Plus, whilst trying to buy for him and Libby’s son, Jake, two tickets for ‘Lord of the Rings’, he runs into the police too.

However, as soon as Dennis meets Libby’s new partner, Whit (Hank Azaria), he hits a wall, BANG! Well, Whit has a high-flying job, a big chin, American charm, and is very proficiency at running as well. Plus, in addition to this, Whit boasts to Dennis that he will be entering the London Marathon in three weeks time.

So guess what Dennis does in turn, huh? Go on. Guess! No - he does not try to rape Whit. Instead, he decides that he will run in the London Marathon. Moreover, through misguided misfortune, Dennis’ pal, Gordon (Dylan Moran), and his landlord, Mr. Goshdashtidar, aid him in this quest, and help him train both his body and mind for the task ahead.

Err - kind of.

You see, for Dennis’, his true motivation is to win back the respects from his son and one time fiancé, Libby. For Gordon, he is helping Dennis out due to a bet. And as for Mr. Goshdashtidar? Well, chivalry is the key.

Now with every step that this strange looking trio take, they manage to maneuver Dennis closer and closer to his goal. Firstly, they get him a place in the Marathon by dubious means. Secondly, they run him ragged around the streets of old London town. And thirdly, they boast his confidence, thus giving him the will power to run like a whippet.

However, when Dennis suddenly hears the sad news that Libby is going to marry Wit, his confidence takes a nose-dive. Deflating his ego to such an extent, that he decides to pull out of the race. But who can pull him out of this mind-bump? Gordon? Mr. Goshdashtidar? His son? And then, even if Dennis does decide to run, will he beat Witt?

No - not saying. But what I will say is that what next transpires is like a rom-com painters guide. As it's on your marks, get set, RUN FAT BOY RUN!!!!!!

OK, first off, I would just like to say that this film is very deceiving for three completely different reasons. Which are: (1) Simon Pegg is not fat. (2) Although this film it is a rom-com, unlike many others rom-coms, it is actually quite funny. And (3) How the f**k can Thandie Newton find Simon Pegg attractive?

But apart from all that, though, there is nothing else deceiving about it at all. Granted, it is formulaic in places, and the overall structure of this film does follow the conventions of rom-com lore. However, in other places, it does attempt to break these convention, by making Simon’s character a bit of a twat, and his counterpart, Hank Azaria character, a bit of a chivalrous person.

Thandie  Newton in Run, Fatboy, Run

Fair enough, this counterpoint does go to pot by the end of the film, reversing their particular character traits, thus blah-blah-blah. Heck, I would not have minded if by end of the film that Thandie Newton’s character had become a lesbian or something! At least that way the pat ending would not have felt so ‘pat’.

Still, I suppose that I am being a tad harsh by saying all of this, right? Because all involved really do put their heart and soul into this film, and make it more than just another run of the mill British slanted rom-com. I especially liked Harish Patel as well, because his warm and rooted presence just gave that extra special something that defies convention. Also, the likes of Pegg, Newton, and Moran, likewise, make the most of their own congenial gifts.

For Pegg, its his offbeat take on the everyman character. For Newton, its her sparkle and grace, whilst not seeming to ‘showbiz’ at the same time. And for Moran... well... he’s Moran, isn't he? An Irish rogue with a personality that suits this wannabe gambler down to a tea.

Simon Peg in Run, Fatboy, Run

Here, check out some of these filmic-facts about 'Run Fatboy Run': (1) In the infamous locker-room scene, Pegg reaction towards Azaria was genuine, because Azaria wasn't wearing anything to cover his meat and two veg. (2) Dylan Morans hair is made out of bread. (3) This is David Schwimmers directorial debut. Plus he is the man who hands Simon Pegg a beer during the marathon. (4) Hank Azaria was named after a man called Hank. (5) Originally this film was centered around running the Los Angeles Marathon. But once it was set in the UK, all of that changed. (6) Thandie Newton has a real-life crush on me. I know this because I had a dream about her once. (7) Little Britain joker, David Walliams, has a cameo in this film as the 'Man in Bakery'. (8) Simon Pegg's left arm is made out of cheese, and he has to put it in a fridge every night, or else it may congeal. And (9) Harish Patel, who plays Mr. Goshdashtidar, was taught how to drive a scooter before making this film, just to make sure that he would not run any of the other actors over.

Overall, this movie is a really nice film to sit down and watch on a warm Sunday evening. Well, it is pleasing on the eye, warm for the soul, and good for a laugh or two. Right Simon?


RUN, FATBOY, RUN RUN, FATBOY, RUN Reviewed by David Andrews on March 17, 2011 Rating: 5
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