Whoops Apocalypse! Cover Have you ever wondered how the world will finally end? Will it be by nuclear war? Will it be by hate and mistrust? Or will it be by comedy? Yes - I said 'comedy' - as seen in this film Directed by Tom Bussmann; and Starring: Pete Cook, Loretta Swit, Rik Mayall, Hebert Lom, Alexei Sayle, with Michael Richards. It was made in 1986, and has a total running time of 84 minutes.

Whoops Apocalypse! : The Film - The Television Series

Question: What does the new president of the America, Barbra Adams (Loretta Swift), do, when she hears that the small British Colony of Santa Maya, has been invaded by the neighboring country of Maguadora?

Answer: She sets up a meeting between a British parliamentary contingent (Richard Wilson), and the president of Maguadora (Herbert Lom), so that these two counties can settle this dispute more amicably.

Simple. Job done, right? No - not really - because the mercenary known as Lacrobat (Michael Richards), sabotages these discussions, leading these two nations to go to war.


You see, due to this dubious disruption, the British Prime Minister (Peter Cook), has ordered a fleet of battleships to invade this small island nation, to take back what once was recently Mother Britain's. Also, in addition to this, two uncertain parties have arranged for themselves to be apart of this fleet as well. The first party being her royal patronage, Princess Wendy (Joanne Pearce). Whilst the second party being a couple of tabloid journalists (the b*stards), whom quickly get themselves cast out to sea, because of their sensationalist behavior.

Nevertheless, these two additions do not really matter that much within the scene of things as of yet. And, over time, the British Fleet recaptures Santa Maya once more

Yippee! Great news, right? Nope - not by a long shot - as in the aftermath of this repatriation, sh*t happens.

For a start, the British Prime Minister goes a bit funny in the head, suspecting that the unemployment rate in the United Kingdom is all due to pixies and goblin folk. Not only that though, but in order to create new jobs, he urges the British public to commit suicide to replenish the job market!

Next, in retaliation of his loss, the president of Maguadora hires Lacrobat to kidnap Princess Wendy, and he succeeds too.

Plus finally, the tabloid journalists come across a communist plot (involving Alexei Sayle), upon a remote desert island in the middle of nowhere.

Sh*t! Sh*t! Sh*t! What next? A countdown?

TEN: Due to Princess Wendy's kidnapping, the British Prime Minister calls forth England’s nuclear arsenal, threatening to use of them if Maguadora does not release her straight away.

NINE: Unfortunately, this threat goads Russia to defend their communist brethren, and likewise will retaliate with their own nuclear fire.

EIGHT: Scared by these hair raising turn of event, the President of the United States tries to plead with the British Prime Minister to sort this confrontation out by other means.

SEVEN: But alas, he does not listen to her, because he has his own deterrent again nuclear holocaust – an umbrella.

SIX: Obvious concerned from this response, the President then tries to get to the root of the problem, and find Princess Wendy.

FIVE: And, by chance, she does, with news relayed to her that the Princess is hidden in a Wax Works Museum.

FOUR: She calls the SAS with this information, and they in turn go to the Museum to save the Princess.

THREE: And after a smashing, a bashing, and a crashing (led by Rik Mayall), they find her.

TWO: But does this news get back to the Prime Minister in time?


If you like your politics satirical, your comedy broad, and your films somewhat anarchistic, 'Whoops Apocalypse!' is definitely the film for you. It is one of those films that harks back to yesteryear, when thing were more politically rebellious than they are in these more modern times. Blatantly this 'political satire' has an obvious message behind it – politics are bloody stupid – and with this credo, runs it ragged throughout this flick, making the satire more satirical, and the jokes more jovial.

Whoops Apocalypse! Tits

Listen, I have to say that this is nigh on relentless in some cases, and just blasts the ‘powers that be’ whenever there is an opening in the plot. Oh! And as for the plot? Well, it is simple enough really. English colony taken over by nth rate nation – America tries to help out – screws up – people go to war – the greater force wins – in retaliation the losing nation fights back – and everything goes to hell in a hand basket.

Sound familiar doesn't it? Yep. Strange too, considering that this film came out in 1986 (a year or so after the British defence of the Falkland Islands). And it goes to show how art can imitate life at times, and how reality is one camera lens away from being fiction - so to speak.

Herbert Lom in Whoops Apocalypse!

Moreover, another thing which is strange as well - but in a good way of course - is the way in which both the American and British actors work so well with together, almost amalgamating this British satire into some sort of 'Anglo-American-British hybrid'. This is just great. Honestly. Elevating this film from it's original  Television platform (as ‘Whoops Apocalypse!’ was initially a British television series) into a global platform.

Here, check out these facts about this film and its cast: (1) Graham Garden of 'the Goodies', was the hunchbacked butler. (2) Peter Cooks Dad was a diplomat. (3) Loretta Swift is from Polish decent. (4) Herbert Lom was born in the Czech Republic. (5) Michael Richards is a Vietnam Army Veteran. (6) Ian Richardson was a leading player with the Royal Shakespeare Company. (7) Peter Cook opened up the first comedy club in London, called 'The Establishment'. (8) Michael Richards has been banned from performing at the comedy club, the Laugh Factory, in Los Angeles. (9) The two girls with their tits out were page 3 models, Maria Whittaker and Karen Kelly. (10) Herbert Lom once called his Pink Panther cohort, Peter Sellers 'A troubled soul, but a nice man'. (11) The original television series that this flick was based on, broadcast on ITV, starred Barry Morse, Geoffrey Palmer, John Cleese, Peter Jones, John Barron, and Alexei Sayle. It was written by David Renwick and Andrew Marshall. (12) Alexei Sayle was cast in 'The Golden Girls' spin-off television series, 'The Golden Palace', but only lasted two weeks because he hated the 'old women'.

Whoops Apocalypse!

Overall, 'Whoops Apocalypse' is a class film, and to me is like an eighties version of 'Dr Strangelove' (click here for review). I really wish there could be more of this type of film today, amalgamating the British and American cultures together, instead of just the token Brit in America, or visa-versa. This movie is well acted, very funny, and one to keep in your racks if you like your satires British based. Agreed chaps?

Top rate film – brilliant actors – manic plot, and no whoops about it!

WHOOPS APOCALYPSE! WHOOPS APOCALYPSE! Reviewed by David Andrews on March 11, 2011 Rating: 5
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