Do mutants ever get a ‘time of the month’? Just to expunge their respective bodily fluids, and then ‘feel like a natural woman’? Wolverine should. As explained in this instalment, Written by Jason Aarron; Pencilled by: Daniel Acuna; and Published by Marvel Comic in March 2011.

Many months ago, Scott (Cyclops) Summers devised a plan to take down Wolverine, just in case the need ever arises. Unfortunately, today just may be that day in which this plan goes into action! Wolverine is still under the control of demonic forces after escaping hell, and is now doing battle within his mind, trying his best to repel the beast within. Is this a winning tactic? Hellstorm does not think so, and tells this to Scott and his Xmen when they show up. Scott is immediately deterred by this knowledge, and thusly, commands Emma Frost to scan Wolverines brain, to see if this news is true or not. It is. So what is an Xman to do next? (1) Evacuate the area. (2) Argue with Hellstorm and his Ghost Riders. (3) Allow Hellstorm and his Ghost Riders to get beat-up by a possessed Wolverine. (4) Then, when all hope seems lost, instigate your plan to ‘take down’ Wolverine. And (5) To be continued... RIP!

OK, with hand on my heart, I was slightly sceptical before reading this issue of Wolverine. As the whole Xmen has to slap Wolverine on the wrist scenario, because he has been a naughty boy again, has been done to death in there own, and the Wolverine, titles. So I was mightily surprised when I actually liked this story. Granted, it is loose in plot and grand in art, and overall a rather quick read. But then again, saying all that, it also had that classy feel to it, as if possessed by an angelic hue. OK, this was mainly down to the artwork, as Acuna is a great linesman, and he renders a mean story, no matter how simple the tone. I remember his works for the esteemed competition – DC – where he was able to enhance their ‘Freedom Fighter’ mini-series, from ‘OK’, to ‘YAHOO’! (If you get my drift). Now back to this issue, and where the story is concerned, well, ‘OK’ would be a fitting word to use again I suppose. Nothing much is elaborated on where the plot is concerned – only the re-emergence of the X-men is highlighted – the dilemma is set up for Wolverine’s ‘mind-battle’ – and the ending is a set up for how this issue begins. Still, fair due’s to Jason Aaron for trying to do something original with this issue, which originally come from an unoriginal source. Thoe sometime you can only reinvent the wheel so many times before it becomes ‘old hat’, huh? Still, good attempt, and a promise that future issues will be even better. Fingers crossed, SNICK!