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Here are a couple of inappropriate phrases that Ganthet would not like to hear after this issue. (1) Give the man a hand. (2) You and Aquaman must have a lot to talk about now. (3) Do you find it difficult to wipe you’re a$$? And (4) It’s bad enough that your short and blue, but? Now do you want to know why I say this? Then ask Writer: Tony Bedard; Artist: Tyler Kirkham; and Publisher DC Comics, in the month of April, 2011.

Kyle – John – Ganthet – Soranik – and Krokk – all head off to Oa, in search for the renegade Guardian, Krona. But as soon as they arrive at this location, they immediately discover the deactivated husks of the Alpha Lanterns, barely grasping to dear life. And worse still, the yellow impurity – Parallax – has infected the Central Power Battery at exactly the same time, thus possessing the Green Lanterns to do its bidding. At first, however, Kyle, John, and Ganthet, do not appear to be possessed, and while Soranik and Krokk fly off into the unknown, they all hypothesise on what to do next. But alas, the more words they utter, the more opportunity it gives Parallax to take a hold of these men – mainly Kyle and John – leading them to fight. Ganthet on the other hand does not seem as susceptible to Parallax than the others do, and with a lot of effort on his behalf, he manages to un-possess both John and Kyle, inadvertently blowing his hand off due to the strain, BOOM! After this battle, the guys find themselves on a urban planet, being pursued by the possessed Green Lantern Corps. What next? Ganthet patches himself up and stays behind, ordering John and Kyle to find others who can aide them with this plight. 

The instalment of the ‘War of the Green Lanterns’, is one of those issues that has a difficult job to do. Firstly, it has to continue a plot thread that was initiated by another creative team in another book. Then it has to take another set of characters and somehow integrate them into the plot in a natural way. And finally, it has to tie back into the ‘master plan’, while progressing the story along a step or two in the right direction. And did it do this? Did this G.L. Corps cross-over succeed in this endeavour? Just about, but just by the very skin of its teeth. The majority of this issue does not seem to go anywhere, as it is a big pointless fight scene between John and Kyle. But surrounding this battle, certain facts are flicked out to the ether, thus making the overall experience slightly more integral. What facts? (1) People who were possessed by Parallax previously, do have some slight resilience. (2) The Green Lantern Corps and the Guardians are screwed. (3) Ganthet does not have to wear two gloves anymore. And (4) Hal or Kilowog will be making an appearance soon... as if I had any doubt. And if I may back track a bit, to point (3) of my summation (I thought it was playstation?), what do I think about Ganthet having dilapidated digests? Well, apart from giving me the opportunity to use a thesaurus, I don’t know really? Thoe it would be nice to see a Guardian with some other characteristics than a slap head, blue skin, and wearing a dish-cloth. Maybe Ganthet should wear an eye-patch and sport a goatie too! That way we could have Johnny Depp play him in the film! Just an idea... like this issue! 

GREEN LANTERN COPRS #58 GREEN LANTERN COPRS #58 Reviewed by David Lee Andrews on April 20, 2011 Rating: 5
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