Krona – sounds like the name of a watch, right? Well, either a watch, or a Greek God with herpes (wasn’t herpes the name of a God to?). Anyway, what I want to say is that time is a tale which needs to be watched in this issue (blatant pun alert), one Written by Geoff Johns; Drawn by Ed Benes; and Published by DC Comics in April 2011.

“Emotions are Dangerous”: that is the sentiment that the Guardians of Oa convey to Krona – one billion years ago – concerning his quest for unlocking the emotional spectrum. And this is exactly the same sentiment that Hal (Green Lantern) Jordan mirrors now – one billion years hence – to his ‘coloured-comrades’ not so long before discovering that Krona has captured the last entity from Star Sapphire. Now is this emotional statement correct? Sinestro does not think so, thus prompting them all to search for Krona, whom they presume it inhabiting Atrocitus dead world, Ryut.

However, as soon as they arrive on Ryut, they don’t find Krona, instead they find the ‘the book of the black’. Boldly, this malicious manuscript conveys to ‘the gang’ a tale of Krono’s past, revealing that he was the man behind the death of Ryut, just to prove to the Guardians that their emotionless Manhunters are a bad idea. And not only does this lethal ledger convey, it also incarcerates ‘the readers’ within its pages. Meanwhile, back on Oa, the Guardians order Salaak to reprimand Hal.  

Ohhhhh! Exciting. This rather spiffy issue of Green Lantern, sets-up the up and coming premise of the ‘War of the Green Lanterns’, whilst teasing us – the reader – with a bit of history and a glimpse of the future. I like this type of issue you know, as it manages to patch things’ together that at first does not seem that apparent. For example, the whole Krona was the mastermind behind the death of Ryut, as a justification that ‘emotionless androids’ are a ‘bad thing’, was just something that I did not expect at all. I wonder what type of medication Mr Johns takes to come up with these things? And are they soluble?  Soluble – just like the way that this issue dissolves in and out of time, thus conveying the pretext of this prelude as an apparent fashion – are emotions a good thing or a bad thing? (Nice link, huh?) Some may think good, some may think bad, but that is precisely the grey area that this colourful book meanders through – thus making you think, thus making it good. However, if this issue had a bad side, it would be that I found the last page a bit annoying. It teases us readers that ‘one of the Earth GL’s will die’. And even thoe this is blatant marketing ploy, compelling us to buy ‘The War of the Green Lanterns’ crossovers, it also acts as an irritant, compelling us to throw abuse on the DC message boards to piss Mr Johns off. Overall thoe, this is a great issue, and has tantalised me just enough to look forward to the up end coming issues. Nice.