War is naughty, very naught. And people who start wars, are naughty people. Are Green Lanterns naughty? Very naughty? Like Hugh Hefner! Well, they have been known to strip? Want me to be less vague? Then read this first part of the War of the Green Lanterns, Written by Geoff Johns; Drawn by Doug Mahnke; and Published by DC Comics in April 2011.

Hal (Green Lantern) Jordan – in the past, he has been tarnished with many titles, saviour, pariah, redeemer, and even hero. But now, allying himself with the other multi-coloured Lanterns, ‘traitor’ has been added to the list. And who is doing the adding? The Guardians of the Universe – who have sent a group of Corp members’ to detain Hal.  However, at the same time this is happening, Hal and his coloured brethren are on the dead planet, Ryut – inspecting the ‘Big Black Book of the Dead’.

Suddenly, during they’re inspection, Lyssa Drak pops up, and eventually manages to encase most of this multi-coloured-cluster (minus Hal) within the book. And just in time for Hal to snatch their rings, and the Green Lantern Corp’s to arrive, ready to take him in. But before they can think about doing this – on Oa – Krona penetrates the Guardians chamber, and possesses each and every one the Guardians with an emotional entity. And worse still, the yellow entity – Parallax – infiltrates the central Battery once more, this time willing the Corpse men to attack Hal. Hal does escape... but what next? To be continued.

War of the Green Lanterns – the first part – was it worth the hype? Hmmm? Yes... yes it was. For me, it has titivated me just enough that I want to read the next instalments pretty soon. And why do I say this? It’s bloody mental, that’s why! And I mean that in a good way, of course. This first part has held the plateau for the rest of this adventure to follow; I just hope that it can maintain this level. From the very beginning of this issue, you can tell that this event is going to be special in the way that it starts delving into Hal’s past, and how that this is seemingly connected to the events in the present. OK, I know that this tactic has been done before in recent Green Lantern history, but this time it does not seem as contrived as they were previously, and somehow feels more natural. OK again, I know that this does sound strange for a cosmic battle in outer space, but so many pieces have been woven together by this point is time – granted, all of them in retro-con by Mr Jones – that the overall picture is much more apparent. What next? That is what I want to know. Can Johns keep on topping himself in the way he has? Saying that thoe, we have to wait and see where he is going with this war first, huh? And will it be a beautiful war? A savage war? Or a silly war?  So far, all I can ascertain is that is will be a very green war, hoping that it won’t disappoint me somehow? Ha! I never thought that I’d hear myself query the entertainment value of a war before! Still, new is new.