To celebrate the up and coming marriage of Price (gosh, I am pretty) William, to Kate (I’m prettier than him) Middleton, I think that it would be a good idea to lay down a basic framework for the road ahead for them. However, for me to do that, why don’t I elaborating on other power-house weddings – and boy-oh-boy – I do mean POWER! So read on you colorful band of merry misfits you, and lets try to celebrate a great day in comic book style, KA-POW!

Kate & William - a Very Public Love Story

Sue Storm and Reed Richards
(Fantastic Four Annual #3 - 1963)
The husband can stretch any part of his body, and the wife can turn invisible – sounds like the perfect marriage to me. But I am afraid to say this was not to be the case for the first comic book wedding in history. And why do I say that? Villain’s – that’s why – all of whom decided to give Sue and Reed’s special day that extra something which they will remember for a long, long time, POW! Still, in the long run, the machinations of Dr. Doom the Puppet Master, the Red Ghost, the Mole Man, the Mandarin, the Black Knight, Kang, the Mad Thinker's Awesome Android, the Grey Gargoyle, the Super-Skrull, Hydra, Cobra, the Executioner, the Enchantress, Mr. Hyde, Electro, the Beetle, Attuma, and (believe it or not) the Human Top, didn’t cause their wedding – or subsequent marriage, any harm. Though come to think about it – in retrospect – who is to say that it didn’t?

Superman and Lois Lane
(Superman: The Wedding Album - 1996)
It took Clark (Superman) Kent a lifetime to finally get hitched to Lois (I have nice hair) Lane – and in some way I don’t blame him either. Well, Lois is an independent woman at heart, and she has always hit out on her own whenever she got the chance. OK – so she has a body that most men would drool over – but Supes is no slouch himself, and he could bang any beaver he wanted to, if he wasn't such a straight laced sod. I suppose, in a round about way, that both Lois and Clark balance each other out perfectly. And this is illustrated rather poignantly on there glorious – event free – wedding day.

Donna Troy and Terry Long
(Tales of the Teen Titans #50 - 1984)
If Kate and William want there wedding day to be just perfect, the one between Donna (Wonder Girl) Troy and Terry (I have a nice beard) Long, is something that they should try to emulate. There was no fight scenes, arguments, snipping, or general back-stabbing at all. Instead, it was a post card moment, that was romantic, elegant, and unmatched ever since. It is a shame that there marriage ended in such tragedy – I blame the beard personally.

Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson
(Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 - 1987)
Now this was a strange one – as like Clark Kent after him – Peter Parker took a bit of time before asking supermodel, Mary Jane Watson, to marry him. And once he eventually got her into a church, he yet again had to pontificate some more, if marrying a super model was a right thing to do or not. What a plonker! Still, like there confusing beginnings, this coupling had a confusing end as well – involving a lot of hullabaloo with the devil and a bad script. HA! It look’s like Peters Spidey senses was not helping him that day, huh? He should have not stopped looking at porn, RIGHT KIDS?

Green Arrow and Black Canary
(Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special - 2007)
Like there life together – like there life apart – and like there foreseeable future – Green Arrow and Black Canary's wedding was one big fight. It just had to happened! It's just one of those things that does whenever you get two people together, who are just so fiery and stubborn in there ways. Granted, Oliver (GA) Queen is that worst at this compared to his gal-pal Dinah (BA) Lance – especially considering that he is a bit of a womanizer – screwed in the head – liberal minded – and has a beard. I hope that Kate and Williams lasts as long as this super-hero couple has (32 issues), and that William shaves too.

Barry Allen and Iris West
(Flash (v.1) #165 - 1966)
Now this marriage was a bloody mental. Firstly, Barry did not tell Iris that he was the Flash. Secondly, when she did find out, she got killed by the Reverse-Flash. And thirdly, when they got back together a few years later in the 25th Century (long story) Flash died not so long after. OK, I know that now – in the more modern comic book age – this grounding has been long forgotten, and most probably will be covered up in retro-continuity. Still, it’s worth pointing out that you should start as you mean to go on... RIGHT KIDS!!!!

Bruce Wayne and Talia Al’Ghul
(Batman: Son of the Demon - 1987)
Technically, this was not a marriage, but rather a gang-bang. Talia needed an heir to appease her Father; and Bruce wanted to get his end away because we has feeling a bit randy. OK – OK – OK, this may not be entirely true, however, the essence is still valid, and goes to show that to marry without love, can sometimes have it’s pit-falls. Or in this case, a death trap constructed by the Ra’s, as well as a brat that pop’s up out of the wood-work, ten years later.

I hope that William and Kate have there time in the sun, and that there marriage and life together will be much more ornate and  long lasting than some of our ‘super’ pals. However, who is to say what the future will bring? You do... but only if you leave a message bellow...