What is Legends of the Dark Knight? 'Legends of the Dark Knight' was a 217 issue long ongoing anthology series, which ran from 1989 to 2007, and chronicled Batman’s ‘year one’ yarns. The series was broken down into self-contained story arcs, each controlled by the numerous creators lavished upon this title.That way, each story had a solid focal point, as well as allowing the creator to tell a personal story of Batman’s times past, and not interfere with what the then ‘modern era’ Bat-titles where doing with him.

Batman: Venom

Creators of note that worked on this title where people like: Dennis O'Neil, Archie Goodwin, Grant Morrison, Mike Mignola, Matt Wagner, Doug Moench, James Robinson, and Trina Robbins, just to name but a few. Now this series did not solely concentrate on Batman, but also highlighted the people and characters around him. For example, Robin, the Joker, Commissioner Gordon, Harvey Bullock, the Riddler, Alfred Pennyworth, and other such allies and foes alike, all who had there time in the spotlight, thus giving the creator who wrote that particular tale a character arc to work upon.

Why was it cancelled? F**ck knows. As soon as LOTDK was gone, it was immediately replaced with another Batman anthology title called  'Batman Confidential'. However, I am afraid to say that this new ‘re-branding’ did not have the same charisma as the first, and has recently fallen by the wayside due to negative reviews.

Please note, though, I do have a slight inkling as to why LOTDK might have been cancelled – two inklings as a matter of fact.

The first one is pure logistics really, because to arrange for a new creative team each couple of issues, and then work with them on a ‘Bat-project’, must be a very hard thing for DC to do. Also, by the end of its run, LOTDK had such a good reputation creatively (as it was thought of as the Bat-vertigo title), that to keep up this height standard, must have been really straining as well.

Now to my second inkling. This comic book was called ‘Legends of the Dark Knight’, and recently DC have started a new series called ‘The Dark Knight’. So maybe by removing ‘Legends of’, it paved the way for this new Bat-title to stand out in the crowd that much more

OK, I know what you are saying to yourself, why call this new Bat-title ‘The Dark Knight’ then? Why not something else? Simple again. The second Nolan Bat-film is called 'The Dark Knight' and DC is using this positive movie to get people to buy this ‘associated’ book.

Plain economic really. It is just a shame that profit could have possibly affected this classic Bat-book.

Any news of the future? I will never loose hope that LOTDK will someday return. There are quite a few graphic novels out today with it works published within, and I am sure that there will be many more in the future.

Well, pop fads may come and go, but legends will always live forever. To be continued.