Mike Myers Have you ever seen one man become five different people before? If not, this Q and A between the grand beard-ness of the Actors Studio, James Lipton, and the schizophrenic buffoonery of the one and only, Mike Myers, would really be a treat for you. This task was performed for 40-minutes in front of another class of media-centric student, in the year of our lord, 2008.

Mike Myers

This episode of 'Inside the Actors Studio' is a continuation of an earlier interview hosted by James Lipton, relating to the more recent exploits of comedian, Mike Myers.

Or is it?

You see, the reason why I say this, is that just after Mike comes onto the stage and briefly touches upon his initial thought process of comedy – such as his Canadian leanings, as well as the people that help him shape his comedy – their subsequent interview together then centers around three films that Mike was a major part of. Shreik. Austin Powers. And The Love Guru

OK, I am sure that you are wondering to yourself, why would I elude that ‘Mike’ was not a part of this interviewing process. Well, in each case, after he explains what led him to make these films in the first place, Mike would then go into character – at James’ bequest – and answer subsequent questions as the main protagonist in these film. Shriek – Austin – Dr. Evil – Fat Bastard – and the Guru. These are the four characters that Mike morphs into to answer such questions as:
  • “Why do you stick your finger into mouth?” (Dr Evil)
  • “What’s different about the more modern woman, compared to there sixties counterparts?” (Austin)
  • “How did you survive in such harsh times?” (Shriek)
  • “What’s TM?” (The Guru)

In each instance, Mike is able to give back a jovial answer, whilst also adding credence to his responses. Moreover, this is highlighted at the end of the interview as well. When he answers to one of the questions in James’ Bernard Pivot structured questionnaire, that his favorite word is ‘creativity’. OK, so he also answers that his favorite swear word in ‘C*ck and B*lls’. Nonetheless, from this, you can ascertain that there is method to is madness. Canadian madness with a capital Mike.

Mike Myers. Canadian. Loon. Plus creative nut job. That is what I felt whilst watching this episode of ‘Inside the Actors Studio’. “So Why is that?” you may ask. And in turn, I would blow you a raspberry, BPPPPT!! Before stating in a think Scottish accent “Be’cuz ei sez so, you wee ninny”.

What’s a ninny? F*ck knows, but I know that Mike would. He seems to have an encyclopedic knowledge of all things banana’s, as well as an uncanny ability to spoof a spoof.

Mike Myers As Austin Powers

Well, from gauging his words in this program, Mike seems to perceive life at a obscure angle (like a man with cataracts). Taking this perspective within his hands, molding it, shaping it, and making it into something purely his own. Austin and the Guru are prime examples in which he did just that. By plucking experiences from his past – such as the 'Our Man Flint' movies, in Austin’s case, and his search for enlightenment after his fathers death, in the Guru’s case – before making these familiar occurrences a part of who he is.

Another example of this is when Mike starts improvising with James during the interview. When he ‘does’ Austin Powers (click here for review), he is Austin Powers. Straight from the horses mouth! OK, I recognized that some of his ‘improv’ was from the movie. Nonetheless, this goes to show the dedication that this man has towards his craft.

Mike Myers as Shreik

It’s not very easy to take an idea, hone it, and then run with it to the stratosphere. Many a time in the past I myself would dress up in a wig, put on silly clothing, and effect an accent for the shear sake of joviality. One time at University, I remember when I did this to try and get a job.

It was for a leading 'retail outlet' across the street from where my campus was situated. And night on every day a student would try to get a job there if one was available. Anyway, to cut a long story short, over time it became obvious that this company would only hire female students and not male students. So me and my mate Ade decided to dress up as 'girls', and then present ourselves as such.


OK, so maybe my Dutch accent was a bit harsh. Maybe we should have both shaved off our beards. Also, it probably would of helped if we were nice too. Still, that's the way of the world, huh? Learning from your mistakes. Or learning from a master of impersonation like Mike in this interview with James. A person who should be dribbling on his hockey stick somewhere in a nice padded cell by now. Or should that be puck? F*ck!