Did you know, that most of the people in the legal profession, constantly laugh at us ‘normal's’. And do you want to know why? Because they are the only people who make crime pay. Think about it for a moment [THINK HERE] and I am sure that you will come to realize, that my words are true, just as...

Disorder in the Court

  • Man eats own parents – claims in defence that he was a hungry orphan.
  • Ten hundred billion ant’s die in Boxing Day sale.
  • Santa Clause deemed a lazy fat b**terd by conservatives.
  • It is illegal to shoot people with a cannon.
  • Comedians with funny voices have an unfair advantage.
  • Illegal underground fight club looses street-cred after becoming legal.
  • Knitting is illegal in Iraq.
  • It is illegal to drive while wearing a blindfold.
  • Even though it is legal to hunt a bear, it is also illegal to wake a bear and then take a picture of it.
  • It is an offence to push a live moose out of a moving aeroplane.
  • You are not allowed to walk across a street on your hands.
  • It is illegal to eat in a restaurant if it is on fire.
  • It is illegal to rob a bank and then shoot at the bank teller with a water pistol.

  • It is legal for the blind to hunt reindeer.
  • Jumping off of a tall building is punishable by death.
  • Don’t think of death as an end, think of it as a more economical way of cutting down on expenses.
  • It’s illegal in Norway to put a cock on you c**k.
  • Orphan kills his own parents in a freak time paradox.
  • 18 Japanese businessmen lose camera on boating trip – 25 people killed.
  • Eskimo buys cooker and then loses home.
  • Washing your skin in lemon makes you bitter.
  • Donkey passes itself off as a horse – wins beauty competition.
  • 2nd class post deemed offensive to snobs.
  • Fact – ants are higher up the food chain than politicians.
  • Merchant Banker is not just a euphemism, but a way of life.
  • Idiot wins award and loses it on the way home.
  • It is easier to get on a dating site, than it is to get into a place of learning.
  • Wooden barbecue catches fire.
  • Priest deemed too holy for cheese.

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