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Interventions – is there any point to them? You get some screwed-up puppet, sit em’ down in a room, and then talk to them until your blue in the face, or when they become more congenial. Personally, I always found that a baseball-bat to the head had better results, THWACK! And do you know who shares the same opinion as I do? Writer: Geoff Johns; Artist: Scott Kolins; and Publisher: DC Comics, in April 2011. 

Barry (The Flash) Allen has a load on his plate at the moment. You see, he is still trying to figure out why his alternate-Earth doppelganger (Hot Pursuit) is aging people to death. But unfortunately, his investigation is put on hold, because while his CSI pal, Patty, tries to get some information from the only eye-witness, Iris tricks Barry to run back home – for an intervention, OOPS! Iris, Jay, Wally, and Bart, are all concerned with Barry’s ‘full on’ behaviour, and uses’ this ploy to get Barry to finally sit down, and then listen to there concerns. Well, all expect for Bart that is! He is just irate with Barry’s ‘cold shoulder’, and runs out of the door before he says too much that he will later regret, ZOOM! Prudently, Barry chases after Bart, only to suddenly discover that Hot Pursuit has subdued him – and his reasons for this – is because Bart has to go ‘Back to the Future’. Meanwhile, back at CSI, Patty is shocked by her witness – literally. 

“There once was a man called Barry, who used to like to quip and parry. Then one day, to his dismay, he got beaten up by a bird called Allie”. OK, I have no idea where that all came from, it just kind of leapt out of me – like this issue of the Flash. As you see – similar to my little ditty – this continuing chapter of ‘The Road to Flashpoint’ is slightly bemusing, quick to the mark, and makes so sense in places. To elaborate, I will now subliminally teleport my review to you, whilst humming the theme tune to MASH.

OK, that didn’t work, huh? So instead, I will elaborate with a pithy summation. Initially, I found it bemusing with the whole ‘intervention’ ploy. As come on – this is something that is pure plot filler there and then. Granted, it was nice to see an alternate take on the ‘origin recap’. But in essence, this scene was nothing more than a break in the evolving storyline. This brings me nicely onto my second point – the pace of the story. Because like most of the preceding chapters of this arc, this one was likewise as ‘quick to the mark’ in getting from pillar to post, ZOOM! Fair dues, I am getting used to this more recent trend of comic books turning to gala pamphlets – but as long as the ‘pamphlet’ is entertaining, I would not mind. Lastly, let me make one thing perfectly clear – the ending – what the f*ck? To me, this just came out of nowhere! It was as if Geoff felt like throwing in a revelation at the end for the sake of Scott to draw a splash page. Still, I suppose on the reverse side of this, is that Scott is back on a Flash title again, YIPPPEEE! Please guys; make the next issue a better one!


FLASH #11 FLASH #11 Reviewed by David Lee Andrews on May 26, 2011 Rating: 5
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