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Have you and your mates, ever just picked up sticks and went out looking for adventure? You know – like in that film “Stand by Me” – the one adapted from the Stephen King novel. It is a great thing to do – as on occasion – it takes you and your pals on a tour of self-discovery and such. Just like this issue in fact, one Written by Peter Tomasi; Drawn by Fernando Pasarin; and Published by DC Comics in May 2011.

Guy, Hal, John, and Kyle, and in big trouble now. Firstly, because they are having some difficulty using their newly hued power rings – secondly, because the possessed Green Lantern corps are chasing after them – and thirdly, Mogo, the Green Lantern planet, is chasing after them as well. What do they do? RUN AWAY!!!! Wistfully, the multicoloured quartet take shelter in a nearby cave, where they discus about how they should continue. John feels that Mogo is the more imminent threat, whilst the others feel that the Central Power Battery should be dealt with first. They vote – and John losses, BOOO! And so they all go off in the direction of the Power Battery, only to discover a hidden scientific lab full of paraphernalia, which was once run by the Guardians of the Universe.

In haste, Guy puts on Krona’s power gauntlet – which Hal envisioned when he was melded into the Book of the Black – an action that prompts a monster to leap out of nowhere, and attack them. Prudently, Kyle steps in, and manages to figure out that this beast is an aide to the Guardian, a revelation that prompts Kyle to side with John’s earlier statement – and they both teleport off to see what they can do about Mogo.  So where does that leave Hal and Guy? Venturing forth of course – to sort out the Power Battery, ZOOOM! But alas, what they discover instead, is the possessed Guardians... to be continued.  

OK, for a start, I know that I have labelled this issue within the ‘Green Lantern Corps section’, and the reason why I have done this is because... well... I just felt like it. And in essence, my statement illustrates perfectly the overall tone of this issue of ‘G.L. Emerald Warriors’ – lapse – emotional – and blatant in tone. Granted, this tone could be perceived as being detrimental to a story – but not to this one – as if anything, the eclectic mix of these three concepts have enhanced the overall quality of the piece. Please, allow me to elaborate: (1) Lapse: I could easily classify the structure of this story as being somewhat lapse, because it meanders in places, and doodles about in others. Take the whole ‘What should the guys do next scenario’ for example. You know that they will divide eventually; it is just that for some reason they had to discover the Guardians lab first. (2) Emotional: Obviously, emotions play a big part in this gala tale, but in this issue it is starting to become more than a plot device, but rather a release – which is great. And (3) Blatant: The set-up / action structure is used very well in this issue, and even thoe conveyed in a very blatant way, overall, this allows the grand to be grander, and the bold to be bolder. In conclusion, I feel that this was a very good chapter of the ‘Green Lantern War’, as I especially liked the more in-depth structure, as well as the artwork by Pasarin. Keep on trucking guys, the future may turn a bit brighter for this book.


GREEN LANTERN EMERALD WARRIORS #9 GREEN LANTERN EMERALD WARRIORS #9 Reviewed by David Lee Andrews on May 23, 2011 Rating: 5
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