Jackass 3 Cover Mindless fun is something that people either shy away from, or conform to,  just to wile away their day and take their minds off of 'other things'. Moreover, be it good, or be it bad, it is starting to become a way of life, as depicted in this film Directed by Jeff Tremaine; and Starring Johnny Knoxville with his band of jovial buffoons. It was made in 2010, and lasts for 98 minutes.

Jackass 3

After an animated introduction by everybody’s favorite idiots – Bevis and Butthead – we are then introduced to a plethora of fun loving clowns who will demonstrate the ways of the, SLAP, BASH, and BLURG!

Johnny Knoxville – Bam Margera – Steve-O – Ryan Dunn – Chris Pontius – Preston – Lacy – Danger Ehren – Dave England – and Wee Man, are there names, and testing the depth of human nature is there game.

And I do mean, GAME!

They present to us a series of stunts that they perform in front of the camera, some of them staged – some of them to the unsuspecting public – and all of them painful to watch, POW!

Here is a list of what they have on offer:

  • The High Five - A big foam hand slaps anyone who walks by it.
  • The Rocky (1 to 4) - A divert and attack ploy. Person A throws a cup of water into person B’s face,before punching Person B with a glove from a different direction.
  • Jet Airplane - One by one, each of the Jackass players pass by the fuselage of a Jet plane, and... WHOOSH!
  • Roller-skate Buffalo - Buffalo Vs Man - man looses.
  • Toy Train Eruption - Blurggg!!!! No Comment.
  • Midgets in a Bar Fight - A staged bar-fight between a couple of midgets (including the midget police), in front of the unsuspecting public.
  • Electric Avenue - Prisoners, stun guns, an obstacle course, and plenty of screaming.
  • The Old Man Ploy - A couple of staged events in front of the unsuspecting public using an ‘Old Man’. The first involves him smashing through a shop window in a scooter. The second involves him shitting on the street. And in the third one... err... he kisses his own ‘granddaughter’.
  • Sweat Suit Cocktail - Preston has to sweat himself on a running machine, thus allowing one of the clowns to drink it.
  • The Christmas Tree - Johnny and an accomplice climbs up a twenty foot tree in Christmas attire, before the tree is then cut down with them still in it.
  • Super Might Glue - For this stunt,,you need glue, bearded people, hairy people, a midget, and you have to be nuts as well.
  • Pin the Tail on the Donkey - Guess? But this Donkey kicks back, CRACK!
  • Bad Dog - A dog bites Johnny’s ass.
  • Helicocker - A miniature plane is tied onto one of the banana’s banana – and it flies in the air.
  • Apple of my Ass - An apple is stuck in Preston’s ass, paving the way for a pig to then eat it.
  • Lamborghini Tooth Pull - One side of a piece of toughened string is attached to a nutters tooth, and the other side to a speeding Lamborghini - OUCH!
  • Penis Peeing Camera - The name says it all.
  • Gorilla in a Hotel Room - A Man in a monkey suit scares the sh*t out of a couple in a hotel guests.
  • The Invisible Man – Johnny tries to camouflage himself within a Bulls paddock, with wild results.
  • Penis Baseball - Guess?
  • Poo Cocktail Supreme - Steve-O is encased in a porto-loo that is attached to a crane. Then he and the shit that accompanies him is catapulted up and down into the air.

Now I have to admit it, I was not a big fan of this type of movie before I sat down and watched this film. Heck, I only saw 'Jackass 3D' in the first place because a friend of mind said that I would find this funny. And did I? Well? Kind of. In a round about way - this film did win me over in part.

However, whilst saying all that, there was still something left missing for me within the construction of the film - that, being a point to it.

Harsh words I know – especially from someone who just admitted that it ‘kind of’ won him over. But I just feel that there could have been something more substantial on offer, rather than a bunch of thirty something stuntmen running all over the place, and beating the crap out of each other.

The Guys From Jackass 3

You see, from my point of view, all the guys have such definable characters, that I would have much preferred them to make this film into some sort of narrative – i.e. have a story. Plus, on top of that, you can tell that they all have such skill in the profession that they are in, that they could... I don’t know... made it more than just a jovial skit movie... and an imbalanced one at that.

Well, as with most films with this type of fractured narrative- the good is good, and the bad is bad.

Personally speaking, I liked most of the 'Candid Camera' type moments - as well as when the ensemble group all together, tempting each other into a dare defying stunt.

Now a good example of this would be the 'Super Might Glue' demonstration - as you can tell in everyone’s faces, that they were all egging each other on to a bigger and better stunt.

Jackass 3D Boat

Though on the flip side of this, are the more crasser moments like the ‘piss and shit’ gags – they just left a bitter taste in my mouth – so to speak – and made this film more of a cringe worthy experience.

Granted, not everyone is going to like this film, but then again, I don’t think that it was meant too. You either love it or hate it – but where as I am concerned, I did not mind it – I just wished that there was not that much shit in it... if you get my drift.


JACKASS 3D JACKASS 3D Reviewed by David Andrews on May 23, 2011 Rating: 5
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