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The holidays are almost upon us, so it is finally time to prepare ourselves for the up and coming festivities. “What festivities?” you might exclaim! Well, to make the most of the time we have with our loved ones – whomever they might be – it is a good idea to plan ahead, and make the most with your time with them. Please, read on...

From my own experience, Mothers generally have a harder time of it during the Holiday season. Because not only do they have to do the housework – as per usual – but they also have to keep their little mites entertained, or otherwise they might become a little too... lapse. So what can Mummy do? Hmmm? I suppose some sort of chastisement is an option – but regrettably, that is illegal nowadays – so instead, I would suggest some form of family pursuit, just to make the whole experience a little more fruitful. Shopping is something that can work on a couple of levels, because not only does this activity allow Mum to buy herself that customized bath wrap she always wanted,  but in addition, she could get for her little sod, that preschool nap mat also.

OK, I know what you are thinking to yourself, “Why a nap mat for the little sod?”. Well, the answer is simple really – as holidays are a stressful time for all involved, and it should be tempered with a bit of R & R with a bout of shut eye and eye. If you get something like a Stephen Joseph nap mat, the sod can rest up for a while, while Mum can do the housework. That way, when you do go out, and partake in a walk in the park – a stroll down the steam – an adventure into the unknown – a sports excursion – as well as a shopping trip, sod-meister junior will not feel as grouchy as a one legged navvy in an ass kicking competition. Simple, huh? Come on – you both deserve a relaxing time during the hols, why make life difficult for yourself, and push each other to irritation? Remember the great words of buxom Dolly Parton “Love is like a butterfly, as soft and gentle as a sigh. The multicolored moods of love are like its satin wings”. OK, so maybe those words might not make a lot of sense to you, but I am sure that you can understand the meaning behind them. Be happy, be sweet, and most important of all be-have.

Please feel free to add a suggestion bellow, to what you get up to during the holiday season. There might be an activity of event that people might want to hear about, or even an occasion or celebration that his on the horizon. So go ahead punk – make my holiday...

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