Each and every nation has its legend’s of old. The Scandinavian countries have their Gods – the Greeks have their Gods as well – and England has their Arthurian legends. Now why is that I wonder? Why does each country have to have ‘another force’ – as if they where special or something? Special... just like Writer: J.T. Krul; Artist: Nicola Scott; and Publisher: DC Comics, in April 2011. 

Rama – the name of a once great man in Indian legend. Originally, he was the God Vishnu, but he transformed himself into human form, so that he could fight the malevolent being, Rankor. Now what is any of this to do with the Teen Titan? Strangely enough... plenty: as Red-Robin has quickly discovered that Wonder Girl’s disappearance is associated with this myth, and with a bit of help from Solstice, the Titans teleport themselves to Rama’s magical kingdom, to look for her. During this time, Solstice informs the Titans about Rama, and the story behind him. But before she go into too much detail, they are all attacked by magical beasts, ARRRGH! And even thoe the Titans eventually beat these beasts off, a number of scenarios play off of this attack: (1) Raven becomes troubled because of her lo-cal and Solstice’s presence. (2) Ravager is kidnapped and replaced by a magical doppelganger. And (3) Robin is kidnapped as well, and held prisoner with Ravager by Rama’s one time nemesis... Rankor... to be continued. 

OK, this title is starting to cook now. Granted, what it is currently cooking is curry – a dish of an acquired taste – and I suppose that in a round about way, this is an appropriate analogy for this particular issue. Now what do I mean by that? Well, like curry, not everyone will like this issue – it has a sort of overpowering quality to it, as if it wants to do too much. A good example of this would be how Krul – the writer – tries to insert all these little personal captions throughout the story – as if this adventure was also a melodrama. On top of that – on occasion – the characters do seem too forced in the words they are saying – as if Krul is trying to hard to make the kids sound like kids. On the other hand however – just like curry – this issue does have an eclectic mix on offer, as it teaches us a bit about Indian heritage – enhances the characters – and overall, dabbles about in a bit of adventure. Now compared to some of the previous issue of this series, this is not a bad read. But that the point I am trying to convey – it is just ‘not bad’. Unlike curry thoe, this issue was a bit bland in flavour, and did not have the right amount of kick in it to make it memorable. It just told a segment of an evolving story arc... and that was that really. Listen, I do not want to appear as being too harsh on this book – because there where genuinely good moments in it – plus Krul and Scott are developing as a team. Thoe the reverse side of this, is that it’s not got that special something to make this book really stand out from the stand... and is lacking in character and style. Come on guys, I am sure you can do better – I have faith.