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Have you ever had something plaguing your mind on a constant basis, and it just teased away at your souls as if it was taffy in a taco? Day in – day out – just hammering away as if your life was meaningless, and you wanted to puke at every breath you took. No? Me neither. Wolverine has those, as chronicled in the tale, Written by Jason Aaron; Illustrated by Daniel Acuna; and Published by Marvel Comics in April 2011.

The dual battle for Wolverines mind continues on two planes. On the internal plane, Wolverine gathers together his emotional energy, and makes a defiant last stand against the hellish forces inhabiting his body. Whilst on the external plane, the X-men rally forth, and then quickly try to dispatch a hell-spawned Wolverine before he can do any more damage. But alas, damage is exactly what Wolverine does – he crushes Magneto – he splashes Namor – and he blasts Cyclops, resulting in Emma Frost to contact heroes in a helicopter to assassinate him. However, before they can get to the scene, the X-Women arrive (Storm, Rogue, Jubilee, etc...), and along with Emma and Wolverines girl-pal, Millicent, infiltrate Wolverines mind and attempt to exhume him from his inner demons. Meanwhile, somewhere else, Nightcrawler has a plan of his own to save Wolverine – and it involves something within Phoenixes crypt.

If you think about it, and you read in between the lines of this issue of Wolverine, what it is trying to say – on a subliminal level – is that all a good man needs is a woman in his mind to sort out all of his troubles. Well, it is either that; or something to with fish? Personally, I’m allergic to fish, and also, whenever a woman tries to get into my mind, she looks for the nearest exist very quickly. Still, what has all this to do with this chapter of ‘Wolverine Vs the X-Men’? Nothing really. So I best get started, huh? Firstly, let me just say that this was a fine issue – nothing brilliant mind you – just fine. It told an intermediate segment of a more bodacious storyline – one that is centred on both the action and the rather simple narrative. Granted, its not War & Peace, but what it is, is a way of showing who Wolverine is inside, whilst showing how his ‘friends’ around him, perceive him. Thoe maybe ‘Wolverines friends’ is probably not the best phrase to describe the X-men really – as lets face it – they want to kill him. And that is precisely what I find to be the most strange thing about this issue – not the whole demon possessed thing – it is the willingness of his friends to rush in, and then attempt to turn Wolverine into a Kebab. And as for the sudden appearance of the X-women to show up, and then say “lets try to save him” whilst pouting as supermodel – hoy – no comment. But what I will say, is that for this type of story, the art really helps make it more than it actually is. Once again, artist par-excellence – Acuna – renders both a dynamic and stylized visual, which I am afraid to say is a sorely needed enhancement, to a rather middle of the road issue. Not bad thoe. 

WOLVERINE #7 WOLVERINE #7 Reviewed by David Lee Andrews on May 06, 2011 Rating: 5
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