Jack the Ripper – a name that is as synonymous with this day and age, as it was within the time that he once lived. People are just fascinated with this purveyor of death, spurning them on to find who he was, what he did, and for why. One such person is famed Australian novelist, Dean Jacobs

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OK, I am sure that you have heard it all before – the truth behind Jack the Ripper is revealed – so why is Dean’s take any different? Well, for one thing, he is Australian – which is a nice change. And for another, fresh eyes give a fresh perspective. Here, read his synopsis to find out more...

Jack The Ripper Poster The Autumn of Terror, Whitechapel, 1888. An evil shadow walks the murky, fog-covered streets in search of his next victim. 

The lane is silent, only the whistling of the wind forms any sort of ambient sound, then suddenly it ceases. An ominous chill invades the dark, lonely lane as a fog creeps in and dances over the damp cobblestones beneath my feet. I am alone. Or am I? 

There is movement and I look in terror as Jack the Ripper’s silhouette stands motionless beneath a gas-lit street lamp, no more than 10 yards from where I stand. Waiting, watching. I turn to run but my legs won’t move. I look back into the street – he’s gone. A momentary wave of relief rushes over me, until from the shadows behind me I feel his warm breath as it sweeps over the back of my neck and I feel the steel blade, sharp against my throat. There is no escape.

Who was this silent assassin? Who was the cloaked fiend who terrorised the East End of London, killing at will, before strolling off into the night? 

The year is 1954. After 66 long, tormented years, the truth will be revealed. 

An old man sits in his musty flat, scribbling his inner monologue, divulging the very memories that will finally set the truth free and will, once and for all, give everyone who cares to read his words the answers to history's greatest riddle. The riddle that has baffled the world for more than half a century: Who was Jack the Ripper?

Well that was rather refreshing, wasn’t it. And you can not get any more fresh than Dean. He grew up on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, and always found himself immersed in art from a very early age. Creativity was an outstanding attribute throughout his school life and he took his passion for art a step further when he studied at the University of the Sunshine Coast and graduated with a BA - Degree in Computer Based Art and Design. Dean minored in creative writing, finding his imagination could run wild within this area also.

Jack The Ripper Poster
He worked as a Graphic Designer for many years, and his love for Illustration saw that part of his repertoire begin to take precedence, being commissioned to do portraits and caricatures, which inevitably lead him into Children's Book Illustration. Within this field, he has illustrated 6 Major Picture books between 2008 and 2011, with 5 Children's Book Council of Australia Award nominations to date, including Picture Book of the Year on several occasions, and The Crichton Award in 2009.

Now with an avenue within the world of books, Dean altered his course slightly, finding himself on the literary side of things, as he began work on his first novel. His interest in Victorian London and that illusive serial killer, Jack the Ripper, saw the creation of 'The Streets of Whitechapel'. This fictitious tale delves into the heart of Whitechapel in 1888 and is regaled by the person who was actually there and who knew the Ripper better than any other. 'The Streets of Whitechapel' is due for release in 2011.

Dean still lives in Queensland with his wife, Kylene and his two daughters, Alicia and Emma. Isn’t that lovely, huh? Just as lovely as this interview he had with Oprah...

Of you want to find out more, visit his website,, his facebook page, plus you can also purchase this book directly by clicking here.