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Now do you know what Batman, Hulk Hogan, Chris Hemsworth, and Justin Bieber, all have in common? No? Its simple when you think about it, they all at one time or another had a bad back. Granted, in Justin’s case, it was just a mild twinge, while Batman on the other hand was party to a knee drop, OOOF! But you get my gist – like the guys and girls did at ELD.

Now I am sure that you may remember me mentioning this company before – ELD – as it was when my girl-pal – Big-Tits – helped me out with my uncle Nick – the pain in the butt with a pain in the back (click here for article). Anyway, since then, I have been looking into ELD more closely, just to find out who they are and what else they have on offer.

So who is ELD? First established in 2006, this Korean based company manufactures and develops specialist ‘living products’ for travel and well being issues. Within recent years, they have domestically launched two continental brands – EDDAS and ETHOS – both marketed towards sophisticated and personalized goods. On top of that, they are the first travel bag company whom has acquired ISO-9001, ISO-14001 quality management certification. Great news, right? Well, only if you are impressed with this sort of thing. Personally speaking, I like their credo... ‘ELD thinks of everybody in the world as our customer’... now that is class.

So what else did I find out about ELD? Well, it was nice to know who ELD are and all that – just for my own personal knowledge – but what I was more interested in, were the products’ that they had on offer. As you see, I was so impressed with my previous purchase from ELD – I thought to myself – why not see what other stuff they have?

And what did I come up with? The ELD High-Elasticity Back Rest! Fair dues, they also had a Hip-up sitting Cushion on offer, a Smart Double Mat on offer, and numerous travel bags and golfing paraphernalia on offer too – plus much-much more. However, I liked the look of this Back Rest thing-a-mi-jig, as it just seemed ideal for someone like me, who sits down in front of a computer for most of the day.

Now why do I say that? For a start, it is a simple and trouble free device to deploy – because it is versatile, compact, and easy to carry around. Also: (1) For the more cosmetically minded of you out there – it comes in three different colours, red, navy blue, and pink. (2) Then, for the more practical user – there are adjustable straps on the back, so you can attach the cushion to a chair or another mountable placard. And (3) Finally, for all those clean freaks amongst us – the fabric casing that encompasses the cushion is easy to remove and machine washable to boot.

Nice set of attributes, right? So what else do you need to know about the ELD High-Elasticity Back Rest cushion? Hmm? The science bit I think! Students – office workers – drivers – and those people whose butts are firmly clasped into a chair for most of the day – your back hurts sometimes – right? And why does it hurt sometimes? Your waist is not supported within the frame, and over time, this weakens the bones within your body, until they start ‘playing up’. What the Back Rest cushion does, is secure your waist to maintain both correct body posture and the ‘S-Line’ curvature from the neck to the waist. On top of that, it also supports the back muscles, comforts the waistline, and reduces pressure exerted upon the bones. Heck, the guys and girls at ELD got some scientists to medically prove that it also prevents the bending of the spine, increases body posture, and eliminates fatigue!

OK, so how does it do this? Well, the cushion is made from highly elastic urethane memory foam, and utilizes Air-mesh materials to ensure superior air-permeability. Comprende? If not – then why not give it a go as I did? I have been using it every day now since I bought it – which has been about two weeks – and so far, I can tell you that it is really-really addictive. Once I started using the cushion, I could feel the benefits straight away. My back feels a lot better now, my posture less slackened than before, and my girl-pal – Big-Tits – has even said that I behave better also. But what does she know? Hmm? Quite a lot actually – as she was the one who directed me towards ELD in first place.   

So considering that she was the person who directed me – I best be the person who directs you, huh? So – please – by all means, contact ELD via:
Korean Website: http://eldkorea.co.kr
Twitter Account: http://twitter.com/ELDKOREA

It is well worth a click at the very least, just think about how you can prevent your pain in the back from becoming a pain in the butt – like my Uncle Nick. And do you know what? This reminds me of the following video that demonstrates this cushion...

ELD HIGH-ELASTICITY BACK REST ELD HIGH-ELASTICITY BACK REST Reviewed by David Andrews on June 25, 2011 Rating: 5
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