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A great man once said ‘The pathway to our future paves all the way from our past’. Now I am not really sure who said that – it could be the great poet, Bill Clinton, for all I know – but I still find that there is a lot of truth within these words. And it is precisely this same sentiment that is expressed within this issue of the Flash, one Written by Geoff Jones; Drawn by Francis Manapul; and Published by DC Comics in June 2011. 

The Reveres Flash is revealed to be the true culprit behind the crimes researched by Barry (The Flash) Allen – Bart (Kid Flash) Allen is currently encased in a time-sphere within Hot Pursuits hands – and worst still, the Flash is unaware of the former fact, and defenceless against the latter. So what does he do? Why, he does what any hero would of course – he’d wait until a floating glowing baton resolves both of these issue for him, before he then goes off to kick some bad-guy a$$. However, the Reverse Flash’s powers have evolved since his murder spree, thus giving him the upper hand to murder Hot Pursuit by unravelling his life to dust, and then evading the Flash and Kid Flash by transforming his age. In the aftermath of these events, airs are viewed – resolutions are set – and the road to Flashpoint is paved, THOOOM!   

Flashy-Flashy on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Not this issue of ‘The Flash’ for certain – however, that is not to say that issue does not have some positive attributes to boot. Well, to be completely honest about it, I just found that this final hurdle of ‘The Road to Flashpoint’ somewhat strange. Primarily, because some of it was just confusing – then, some of it was basic lead up to the grand event – and finally, some of it was intriguing yet not fleshed out enough. For example, what was all that ‘Rhubarb’ with the glowing baton about? I just did not get it. OK, I can understand on some level, that this object was somehow attuned to the Reverse Flash’s frequency when he was going to kill Patty – but it was not explained in a clear enough way for me to tie them both together. And while I am on the subject of Patty, do you think that this is the last we will see of her? If so – shame on you Geoff. If not – good on you Geoff. As come one – Patty being introduced in the way that she has, has to lead up to something, right? But before that can transpire – sigh – ‘Flashpoint’.

What have we leant so far within this ‘prelude’ to justify its existence? (1) That the Reverse Flash is something to do with this. And (2) It is also something to do with parallel worlds as well. Now was this brief knowledge worth a four-issue prelude? No – I don’t think so either. Heck, even Stevie Wonder could see that this was nothing more than hyper-boil. Please DC, treat us readers more than just cash machines to funnel your next projects. Fair dues, a lot of people would have bought this comic book anyway – as they are Flash fans – while others were duped into buying it on a fleeting pretext. Don’t do this again you naughty people you, or else I will have to introduce you to Nad Oidid – the parallel world version of Dan Didio – who has a talent for lavish hair.

You have been warned.


FLASH #12 FLASH #12 Reviewed by David Lee Andrews on June 10, 2011 Rating: 5
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