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What would happen if those whom govern us cannot maintain their control? Would anarchy stain the sky? Would tempers flair? Would people dress up in red skirts and hang from the rafters? Hmmm? The last one would be a nice idea. And as a matter of fact, it has been illustrated in this epic cross-over event, Written by Geoff Johns; Drawn by Doug Mahkne; and Publisher DC Comics. And they did it in June 2011.   

Both Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner are in ‘way over there heads’ during there battle with the Krona possessed Guardians of the Universe. Now like Hal and Guy, each of the Guardians are exhuming an emotional hue – enabling both parties to battle it out with each other with no end in sight. However, Guy does try his best to gain the upper hand by using Krona’s power gauntlet against them, ZAP!

Unfortunately though... POW! Krona gets it back... GOTCHA!

Meanwhile, within the book of the Black, Sinestro manages to regains his consciousness, and then tear his way though the memories of his fellow ‘colleges’. But then, once he breaks free, Krona subdues him, before turning his attention to a captured Hal and Guy, enveloping them both in bandages to become the ‘New Guardians of the Universe’.  To be continued...

OK now - this is a bit more like it. Thankfully, this issue of ‘Green Lantern’ has shifted its focus towards the finishing line, thus setting up the whole finale for Krona’s machination with the Green Lantern Corps. Fair dues, some of the other plotlines have been put to one side so it is able to do this – which I am sure will be picked up by the other Green Lantern title. But that is precisely the charm with this chapter... it’s intent.   

Now is that a good thing or a bad thing in the scheme of things? Personally speaking – good, as it is able to spin a bit more of majesty upon this epic, whilst at the same time doing what Geoff and Doug are able to do best – innovate. I just love the numerous twists at the end of this issue, as it posses a couple of questions which seem to be quite pertinent to the Green Lantern mythos. The first question concerns the motivations of Sinestro’s ‘rebel status’ – as how much was this role thrust upon him? The second question relates to the prior relationship between Indigo and Abin Sur – as was she a villain? And the final question is the biggie – what next? Hal and Guy Guardians? Krona a leader of the corps?  And who the hell is going to die?

OK, I am sure that some of these questions will come out in the wash by the end of ‘War of the Green Lantern’ – especially considering that it is in the very competent hand of Artist, Doug Mahnke, and Writer, Geoff Johns. Together, this creative team has managed to do something with this multi-part crossover event, which is both magical and pertinent to read. Granted, some of the parts of this event have been somewhat fleeting. But as a whole, I am sure that it will be a landmark event for quite some time to come – in pretext and in worth. Bravo guys – this is the best issue of this storyline yet – keep them coming.  


GREEN LANTERN #66 GREEN LANTERN #66 Reviewed by David Lee Andrews on June 21, 2011 Rating: 5
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