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Hush CoverSome people are just unnaturally unlucky. Now this does not have anything to do with how they are, what they do, or what they say – it is because they appear to be magnets for all types of mishap and misfortune. Why is this the case? God knows – probably does too. But I found a good illustration of this happenstance to be in this film, one Directed by Mark Tonderai; and Starring: William Ash and Christine Bottomley. It was made in 2009, and lasts for 91 minutes.


Budding author, Zakes Abbot (William Ash), is having a really bad time of it at the moment.

Please note, this has not got anything to do with his current dead end job - driving around from service station to service station, installing posters’ into toilette's. Moreover, it is has not got anything to do with his girlfriend, Beth (Christiner Bottomley), either – who is accompanying him this night, contemplating leaving him because of a secret liaison she is having.

It's because that whilst Zakes is driving down the motorway, by chance, he spots a naked girl tried up in a back of a  truck – thus leading him into a world of trouble.

OK, at first, he calls the police to inform them of any possible dubious transgression. But sometime later, whilst he is installing another poster in a toilette... BOOM!

Why “BOOM”? Well - to explain - after an argument he has with Beth, Zakes discovers that she has been kidnapped and thrown into this said same truck. However, when Zakes tries to investigate this matter further, he is accosted by two security guards, who thrown him out of the service station - only to then spot that his car has been vandalized - thus stopping him from chasing after the truck.

Worst still, is when Zakes steals a car and manages to track the truck down to a warehouse, a policeman suddenly shows up, lock Zakes in his squad car, and then get killed by the truck driver.

Now can things get any worse for Zakes? Well – yes and no. Yes – because he does manage to escape from the police car, and finds a previous kidnap victim on the road-side. And no – because when he takes this victim to a nearby house, to call for help, the hostage turns on Zakes and the elderly people who live there.

Ha! I suppose that is why what next transpires is suspenseful, painful, and earth shattering all road into one. As hostages are found – kidnappers are averted – and nothing is ever the same again.

Not the end, but the beginning of a book.

Which I first saw this movie listed in the media, I thought to myself that 'Hush' was something to do with the Batman comic book - created by Jim Lee and Jeff Loeb. But then, when I saw that it was an actual film - a British film no less - with a no star cast, and a story involving trafficking, I thought to myself “What could it hurt?”.

And do you know what? In some way I was right you know.

‘Hush’ told a compelling and suspenseful film that dealt with a modern day problem in our society - human-trafficking. Fair dues, it’s more of a ‘situation film’ than a ‘character film’ – but still – you cannot help but feel sorry for the main star involved – Zakes.

You see, nigh on through out this movie, I could not help but utter things like “I bet you that he won’t win the Lottery”, or “How can things get any worse for this poor schmuck”. And I continued to say these things right up to the very end of the film - when I then gave a big sigh of relief, and pondered if this really was the end or not.

Hush Film

Now why do I say that? Well, at the end of 'Hush', it subliminally poses the question that the whole pretext of this film was solely about trafficking. Though, to be completely honest with you, I though that it was more about a poor schmuck who was going to get the elbow by his girlfriend, only to be quickly whisked away on a whirlwind adventure of suspense, intrigue, and all that other Alfred Hitchcock type stuff.

Please note, I am not trying to imply that this film did not get the message across about the dangers of trafficking, all I am saying is that you could not help but feel more sorry for the schmuck all this was happening to.

For example: (1) I have to say that this film was put together very well – because it has a very polished and stylized feel to it. (2) Even though this is basically a one man film, the man in question – William Ash – is great to watch – even if his performance was very understated through out. And (3) The suspense angle of this film was captured just perfectly, as it had that ‘Ipcress File’ vibe scattered all over the shop – as if someone else was observing these proceedings from afar.

Hush Movie

However, if ‘Hush’ had a bad point, it would have to be that there are moments in this film in which you cannot help but scream “Why doesn't he do x, y, z?” – you know – instead of driving the story into a more suspenseful tone.

Overall, though, this is a great film to watch one dark and stormy night, when your girlfriend needs a squeeze, and you want to do the squeezing.

If you get my drift.


HUSH HUSH Reviewed by David Lee Andrews on June 03, 2011 Rating: 5
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