Animated Monster When done properly, poetry is a beautiful thing, isn't it. It has that ability to lift your spirit off of the ground, so that your mind can gallantly wander free in majestic harmony (Did that last bit rhyme to you?). But what happens when poetry is done 'improperly'? Hmmm? Read on, and you might find out with a collection of three, called the Crunch, the Crude, and the Clinton.

777 Great Clean Jokes

Willy Crunch
There was a guy named Willy,
who liked to eat a lot of chilli.
One day he ate too much,
his stomach went crunch,
and it made his house a little smelly.

St Jude Is Not Crude
There once was a woman from St Jude,
who rode her horse in the nude.
She galloped too long,
and unless I am wrong,
you expected this rhyme to be crude.

The Clintons
To Hilary Clinton said Bill,
I think we're staying on Capitol Hill.
'Cause that tired old timer Dole,
is digging himself a deep hole,
and the White Water thing's a cheap thrill.