Location - Location - Location - you can always find a location that stirs your senses and then makes your very being full of gay abandon and wanderlust. Or alternatively, you can find somewhere that pisses you off so much, that you want to grab for the nearest tin of paraffin and then roast it upon an open fire. Would you like to know more? Then please read these lampoon-like limericks.

Jokes For All Occasions

Norway to Ireland
There once was an old man from Norway,
who cussed as he sat in a doorway.
The door smacked him flat,
and he yelled "what was that?", 
before he grumbled that he should have moved to ‘Gorway’.

Mars and Stars
There once was a man from Mars,
who had a knack for selling used cars.
He said ‘take this one’, 
and ‘you'll have lots of fun’, 
especially with an engine powered by a shooting star.

The Slut From France
A pretty young maiden from France,
decided she’d “just take a chance”. 
She let herself go, 
for an hour or so, 
and now all her sisters are aunts.