Predator 2 Cover What’s better – to pursue, or to be pursued? Well, the obvious answer is the former option really. Though there are a number of scenarios where the latter option would be the more prudent solution as well. Want to know what the f*ck I am talking about? Then watch this film, Directed by Stephen Hopkins, and Starring: Danny Glover, Bill Paxton, Ruben Blades, and Gary Busey. It was made in 1990, and lasts for 108 minutes.

Predator 2 (Two-Disc Special Edition)

I'm afraid to say that the Los Angeles Police Lieutenant, Michael Harrigan (Danny Glover), has an awful lot on his plate at the moment.

For a start, he has been trying to prevent a turf war between a Colombian and an African drug cartel -- which hasn't been too kind to him. Next, in the aftermath of all this skirmish, one of the top African guys gets chopped up in his penthouse -- which is just a ghastly sight. Worst of all though, is that an unknown entity appears to be intertwined within these two events, thus signalling Special Agent Peter Keyes (Gary Busy) and his men, to prevent Michael from pursuing this investigation any further.

Yeah, right? Like Michael is going to allow this to happen? Prudently, he sends one of his detectives, Jerry (Bill Paxton), to keep an eye on Peter’s activities, whilst he then tells another one of his detectives, Danny (Roben Blades), to have a closer look at the African penthouse massacre.

Unfortunately, though, this latter instruction backfires on Michel, as Danny is killed, and so he turns his investigation into something much more personal.

Over time, Michael grows closer and closer to finding out who this unknown entity really is. Primarily, with the information given to him by a forensics expert – subliminally, with the guidance of a Jamaican King-Pin – and physically, when he comes across the aftermath of a massacre on a subway train involving his detective, Jerry.

Here, he spots the unknown force from the corner of his eye, and he gives chase so that he can capture this fiend. Regrettably though, Micheal's path is halted by Peter and his men, who capture him, and tell him the origin of this entity (he’s an alien) as well as the needs for them to detain this creature (his knowledge).

However, Peter’s intricate plan of detaining this alien backfires on him, prompting Michael to jump to the fore, and give chase once more.

Now what then transpires is a bloody, a tenuous, and a hard pursuit all in all: where shots are fired – a hand is chopped – falls are mustered – medication is applied – a granny is deterred – and an E.T. is sent home.

Not the end.

Sequels are generally naff concepts by nature, and are only really devised so that the studio associated with the successful initial chapter, can cash in on a franchise. Now some work (Gremlins 2), and some don’t (Caddyshack 2) – but which category does ‘Predator 2’ fall under?

The first one I say – artistically at least – as it has taken the basic concept from the first film (a mysterious Alien killing for sport) and then innovates upon the concepts, before transplanting it into real world America.

Danny in Predator 2

Predator 2 Movie Poster
Another thing that is somewhat innovative with this film; is the way in which it seems to have an altogether different tonal flavor to it, whilst at the same being able to capture the same mystery and dread of the first film. I think that is does this really well you know - as it has taken the basic macho pretext from 'Predator 1', sprinkled it upon a more diverse set of characters in ‘Predator 2’, whilst maintaining the otherworldly quality that the main protagonist – ‘The Predator’ – has.

Granted, on occasion, there is the odd strange 80’s panache that seems to intrude upon the proceedings – like to quick quips, or the bold machismo. But I find that this additional layer does not seem to weigh upon this film all that much - all it does is date this film to a specific time and place.

Still, is that really a bad thing? No – not really. If anything, it makes this action movie more quirky in retrospect, as I am sure that there are a lot of lovers of 80’s cinema out there, which prefer this film more than the recent attempts at subverting this movie franchise.

Predator 2

Predator 2 EasternAlso, in addition to this, all the actors involved really stamp their mark on this movie -- even the ones who are killed at the beginning -- as their bold charisma really does shine through.

Though for me -- personally speaking -- Danny Glover is the real shining star of this film. As he does both the macho and the scared really well -- especially with his nervous mumbling towards the films conclusion.

Overall, this is a great film. It is innovative, bold, full of flavor, and captures the basic mythos of a developing franchise, without making it seem too exploitative. A classic.    


PREDATOR 2 PREDATOR 2 Reviewed by David Andrews on June 06, 2011 Rating: 5
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