Why are some Gods naughty? Personally speaking, this does not it make any sense. Where is the logic? They do not have to worry about any domesticated issues – they have powers far beyond those of mortal man – and on top of that, they are praised on mass. Ohh! I don’t know. Though maybe Writer: J.T. Krul; Artist: Nicola Scott; and Publisher: DC Comics, does? But only in June 2011.

Red-Robin – Wonder Girl – and Ravager, have all been imprisoned by the mad God Rankor.  And worst of all, is that when Kid Flash attempts to save them, Rankor envelops him within a swarm of bees, just as he attempts to signal the rest of the Teen Titans with a waft of flames. Now do ‘the rest’ see this signal? No – I am afraid not. And that is because the Demon / Ravager clone manages to corner Superboy within a shelled enclave, before kissing him, and then attacking him. Granted, she does have some assistance with this battle, but so does Superboy too – ultimately resulting in Superboy and Raven to be carted off to Rankors kingdom, just in time to see him empowered by his kidnapped heroes. To be continued...

OK, yet another fleeting Teen Titans adventure has been presented to ‘us readers’ – my opinion – mixed. You see, I have a dilemma with this series since Krul and Scott have taken it over, which is – do I like it or not? Well, I suppose the only really way for me to answer this question, is by listing its positive and negative attributes (like I had to do at school).  Positive: The art is bold and clean – the adventures are adventurous – there is always a little bit of fleeting knowledge thrown into each issue – and I like the roster as well. Negative: The stories are too quick – the art can sometimes be too cheesecake and posy – the adventures can be overpowered a tad by superfluous exposition and drama – and the characters are depicted in a bland manner. So – where does that leave me and the Teen Titans? Confused I supposed. I want to like it – just like I wanted to like this issue – it’s just that I feel that something is missing. Now what that ‘something’ is, I kind of know – but what I don’t know is when it’s going to kick into this book. Shame – because as I said – I wanted to like this issue, as it did have some really nice set pieces. My personal favourite was the Kid-Flash segment, as we do not really get to see much from Bart anymore. And someone that we hardly saw in this issue – except for two panels – was Red-Robin. Strange that, huh? Now was that a plot point, or something to do with Krul forgetting that Red-Robin was in this particular adventure? Who knows? Krul knows. Just as he knows what to do to make this series better again – character and plot buddy, character and plot.