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Carol Burnett It is generally well known that funny women are marginalized in the world of comedy today. Well, lets be honest about it, females are only really used to strike a pose or do a silly voice. Because such is the scheme of things within celebrity culture. However, there is a woman of yesteryear who could have easily broken this mold – Carol Burnett. Please take a look at what she got up to for 67 minutes in 1974, with Dick Cavett

Dick Cavett - Carol Burnett

Dick starts his show by mumbling his way through a matter relating to ‘balance’ and ‘political fairness’, before introducing a lady with long legs, a big smile, and a comedic wit that can easily match his own.

Carol Burnett is her name, and as of this date – in 1974 – as she was starring in a popular skit show that also housed her moniker.

Now Dick’s initial questions to Carol are those relating to her appearance (i.e. her protruding teeth), as he then touches upon such subjects as: (1) When she first had sex – as a nun. (2) Her brand of humor – character based. (3) What her primary attraction to enter show-business was – film. (4) Her childhood years with her elderly Grandmother – whom brought her up. And (5) Her way of working – funny and rhythmical.

Next, once Carroll recounts a jovial episode about her youth, both Dick and Carol perform two show tunes live on stage together – ‘A Fine Romance’ and ‘Smoking Cigarettes’. And then, after these too whimsical performances are over with (well, not so whimsical for Dick), Dick runs some very funny VT of when they rehearsed this performance earlier in the day (which is a blast).

This then leads into another bout of devout questioning, where Dick asks Carroll questions about her comedy writers, her career, and her outlook on life. Prior to the audience praising her achievements, requesting numerous impressions for her to perform, as well as information about her show.

At this stage in the interview, Dick goads Carroll to tell the story of her rise to fame, plus about her turbulent time with her alcoholic parents (whom both died before she got famous). Her explanation about these episodes of her life is both poignant and revealing, and shows what type of person Carol is both inside and out – beautiful. All this leads onto the final batch of questions, relating to heath, straight-acting, living in California, and her family and home life. Courteously, Carroll answers all of these with all the humanity, grace, fun, and whimsy, as the queen that she is.

My God! What a lady. And with such nice legs too.

Now before watching this episode of 'The Dick Cavett Show with Carol Burnett', I hardly knew anything about Carol at all. OK, I did recollect that she was in the comedy ‘Noises Off’, and that she also had some type of American Variety show quite some time ago. But that was it really. Not much more than that.

However, after I watched this staged interview, I thought that she is a bloody marvelous human being. Honestly. Nigh on throughout this program, I was just amazed as to why she never came across my radar earlier. She's pretty. Nice looking. Full of zeal. Witty. Vibrant. Has a beautiful singing voice. Plus has a pair of legs that I was transfixed too for most of the time.

Carol Burnett and Mama CassHere, please let me give you a couple of reasons as to why I fell for Carol in the way that I have: (1) When she and Dick sang together I could almost feel her dynamism straight away. Heck, I was starting to get jealous of Dick when she held onto him! (2) The congenial way that Carroll answered all of Dick’s questions was really nice to behold. She was honest, humble, self-deprecating, and most of all full of charm and grace, like a Hollywood star from the nineteen-forties. (3) When Carroll spoke about her parents, I liked the way that she was never disrespectful towards them. If anything, she treated their alcoholism as if it was an illness out of their control. Very non-judgmental. (4) OK, I know that I said Carroll was pretty already – but her prettiness isn't of the cosmetic variety, oh no. Instead it is all to do with how she presents herself and what she says and does. And (5) Carroll is genetically funny – you can tell this by the way that she seems to have a punch line ready for whenever Dick tries to pepper the proceedings with his own brand of mumbled charm. My personal favorite out of Carroll’s remarks, was her initial reply to Dick, concerning when she first had sex – 'when I was a Nun in a convent' – classic.

Carol Burnett Montage

Dick really seemed to have a good time with Carroll on his show too, both on a personal and professional level. Please note, I am not trying to imply that ‘anything else’ might have gone on behind the scenes. But it would not have surprised me if it had.

Anyway, enough of my idol speculation, listen up all of you comedy lovers out there. If you want to see a classy lady at her pinnacle, you have to do a google on 'Carol Burnett'. Just look at the picture above God damn it! Or the video included!

Fair enough, I have to admit, not as striking as some cosmetically pampered women within the media today – more like Lucile Ball’s second cousin from Canada. But I bet you anything that she could rival any of these dames in the class stakes any day.

Great interview. Silly singing. And classy lady.


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