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Many a year ago, there was an advert on the television that promoted a telecommunications company. The slogan that this company used was ‘It’s good to talk’, which prompted my Fathers to reply in turn “Then you ‘av never spoken to my bloody Mother, ‘ave-ya?”. Well, he was right I suppose – they never did – just like Writer: Steve Scott; Artist: Jock; and Publisher: DC Comics – especially not in July 2011.

Communication is the key to Dick (Batman) Grayson’s current adventure, which cannot be a bad thing, right? Hmmm? Depends on your perspective I suppose, because: (1) Batman has to hear a lot of drivel spewed from the mouths of Tiger Sharks henchmen, about their boss’s origins and the reasons as to why he is a Pirate – whilst Batman dangles over an aquarium that houses a killer-whale. And (2) Then, once Batman is able to inadvertently goad Tiger Shark to free him, has to interface with said killer-whale, before escaping from his current watery predicament.

Now don’t worry, it does not end there! As after this adventure, Dick – in civilian guise – goes to visit Commissioner Gordon’s son, James, at the bequest of his father, so that he can assess if James has reverted back to his ‘old ways’. However, during this polite encounter, Dick suddenly realises something about his adventure with Tiger Shark, which prompts him to go and visit Sonia Branch (i.e. Zucco), to air any differences that he has with her – as the Batman.

Well, do you think that James is upset with Dick leaving him like that? No – not at all – as he has other things to take care of – specifically a man dangling in his cellar.

Detective Comics – my God – what a great read! This months instalment, like the previous months, has manages to do it all again, but this time in a more fractured and peculiar fashion. What I mean by this, is that is has resolved a Batman adventure, without actually resolving it. OK, I know that this does sound somewhat strange, but such is the scheme of things in the current world of the Dark Knight. There is no clean cut conclusion – there is no pretty picture to sum up an artists representation – there is no grandstanding or bold display of gravitas – it is what it is, a perception of a gothic world full of mystery and adventure.

Fair enough, this might not be everybody’s cup of tea, and in a very small way, I was not overtly keen either – especially where this issue is concerned. In places, I found the story slightly too exposition heavy, as well as being fractured and aloof – mainly due to the James Gordon Junior segment being inserted within the initially dominant ‘Tiger Shark’ pretext.

So did this bother me to a great extent? Hmmm? Not too sure actually. As I hoped that juniors character was going to be used in another capacity – like an underdog who picks himself up due to him bad reputation, rather then the predictable and possible villain for Dick future. However, to juxtapose this stance, I did like the way that the Sonia Branch character may turn out to be Dick’s ‘Lex Luthor’ – as I think that this may be a nice way for Sonia to develop.

Also, I have to mention Dick’s future, right? By now, I am sure that you must have heard the great news that Dick will be ‘reboot-ed’ back into his ‘Nightwing’ guise, and that his new series will be written by our man, Steve Scott. And for me, this is bloody lovely news, and shows that there is some promise for the time ahead. What do you people think about this? Hit or Miss? Come on – sling a snide below – I know that you want to, you naughty people you.


DETECTIVE COMICS #878 DETECTIVE COMICS #878 Reviewed by David Andrews on July 18, 2011 Rating: 5
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