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HULK #35

NO PORN??? ] 

I am sure that your aware of the old saying “knowledge is a very powerful thing”. Well, in theory, if you know how something works, in the same vein you also know how something un-works as well. It’s called a process of reverse engineering in the business, one deployed in this issue of the Hulk, as Written by Greg Pak; Drawn by Carlo Paggulayan; and Published by Marvel Comics in July 2011.

Looming over Earth, the worlds populous is deterred by the stoic presence of Omegex.

Meanwhile, on a rustic Red Planet in the middle of nowhere, newly appointed King, Thunderbolt (Rulk) Ross, is doing a spot of learning. He leans of this planets ancient customs, he learns of their marital dynamics, and he learns of there battles with a warring Yellow planet too. Thankfully, with this latter bit of knowledge under his belt, Rulk is able defend his kingdom from these yellow hued yobs. Initially, on his rustic Red Planet when they attack him – and subsequently, on there rustic yellow planet when he attacks them.

And who is the victor of these battles? Why Rulk and his kingdom of course! But strangely enough, what happens next is not so straight forward: (1) Rulk captures the Yellow King, and then goes to take him back to Earth in his damaged spaceship. (2) During there travels, the Rulks path is halted by a universal watcher, whom explains to him that his recent space adventure was a diversionary tactic made by her, so that he would not be seen by Omegex. And (3) Rulk is finally returned to the mission that he was initially meant to carry out, as if nothing had ever happened.

But it did, right? 
This is the type of issue that I love to read if I want to be confused. OK, I know that this may sound like a silly thing to want to accomplish – but I am a silly person, and I do have my silly needs. You see, the general consensus is that ‘confusion’ is a ‘negative’ state of mind, because it highlights a person’s pitfalls where knowledge is concerned. However, from my own point of view, ‘confusion’ shows a sign of humility, a ‘positive’ emotion that is both humbling and worthwhile to accomplish.

So what does any of this have to do with this issue of the Hulk? Err? Not sure really? Oh yes – now I remember – confusion – and why this issue made me confused in a ‘positively’ way. Honestly speaking, I found that for the majority of this tale, there was a very simple story, which told a rather nice Rulk adventure on a Red planet. And then, about three quarters a way through this narrative – BANG – confusion set in. But this confusion was placated there to begin with, with both the déjà vu type aspect of the ‘Planet Hulk’ saga, as well as the Omegex plot-thread. Now I have to admit, that when this twist initially came along, I was somewhat disappointed with this storyline. Well, I though to myself – ‘what the fudge?’ – or words to that effect – as it did literally come out of the blue. But when I sat back and thought about it for a moment – and I came to realise the points in which I raised earlier – it all made sense.

Still, is this a good thing or a bad thing? Hmmm? Personally speaking – I kind of liked it. As ever, writer – Greg Pak – and artist – Carlo Paggulayan – have presented to us yet another rip-roaring adventure about the Rulk. Granted, I would have much preferred it to be about the Hulk rather than the Rulk, but at the same time, this does seems to be the direction that this ongoing series is going in at the moment, and it is a good read. Who knows what the future will bring this for title? A new numbering system perhaps? HA! Or alternatively, a new direction when Pak throws in the towel? Who knows? Marvel does that is for sure. But for now, like this Rulk adventure, they want to confuse us, BOING!

HULK #35 HULK #35 Reviewed by David Andrews on July 08, 2011 Rating: 5
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