Hello silly people out there – we are back-again – the silly-name-athon. This is a second docile showing of mirth-driven monikers that make us giggle. For those of you who are easily offended, you have been warned, this next batch is even more stupider than the first. So beware... AHhHAhHHAHAha!

The 2011 Baby Names Almanac

Faye Kinnitt (Faking It)
Faye Slift (Face Lift)

Gabe Asher (Gay Basher)
Gabe Barr (Gay Bar)
Gil T. Azell (Guilty as Hell)

Hal E. Luya (Hallelujah)
Hammond Eggs (Ham and Eggs)
Harrison Fire (Hair is on Fire)
Helen Back (Hell and Back)
Helena Hanbaskett (Hell In A Hand Basket)
Herbie Hind (Her Behind)
Herb E. Side (Herbiside)
Herbie Voor (Herbivore)
Howe D. Pardner (Howdy Partner)
Hugh Beeotch (You Bitch)
Hugh Mungous (Humungous)
Hugo First (You Go First)
Ida Whana (I Don't Want to)
Igor Beaver (Eager Beaver)
Ilene Dover (I Leaned Over)
Ima B. Leever (I'm A Believer)
I.P. Freehly (I Pee Freely)
Ira Fuse (I Refuse)
Ivana Tinkle ( I Want to Tinkle)
Izzy Backyet (Is He Back Yet?)

Jack Koff (Jack Off)
Jack Pot (Jackpot!)
Jacques Strap (Jock Strap)
Jaqueline Hyde (Jekyll and Hyde)
Jawana Die (Do Ya Wanna Die?)
Jeff Healitt (Did Ya Feel It?)
Jenny Tull (Genital)
Jerry Atrics (Geriatrics)
Joe King (Joking)
Jose Frayed (Who's Afraid)
Juan De Hattatime(One Day at a Time)
Juan Fortharoad (One For the Road)
Juan Nightstand (One Night Stant)
Juana Bea (Wanna-Be)
Justin Case (Just in Case)
Justin Credible (Just Incredible)

Kareem O'Wheat (Cream of Wheat)
Kent Cook (Can't Cook)
Kim Payne Slogan (Campaign Slogan)

Laura Lynn Hardy (Laurel and Hardy)
Lee Keyrear (Leaky Rear)
Lee Nover (Lean Over)
Liz Onnia (Lasagna)
Lou Briccant (Lubricant)
Lon Moore (Lawn Mower)
Luke Atmyass (Look At My Ass)
Luna Tick (Lunatic)
Lynn Guini (Linguini)

Madka Owdiseez (Mad Cow Disease)
Manuel Labor (Manual labor)
Mark Mywords (Mark My Words)
Mark Z. Spot (Mark The Spot)
Martha Fokker (Motherfucker)
Mary Gold (Marigold)
Mary Juana (Marijuana)
Master Bates (Masturbates)
May I. Tutchem (May I Touch Them?)
May O'Nays (Mayonaise)
Max E. Mumm (Maximum)
Max E. Pad (Maxi Pad)
Mike Hunt (My... Guess?)
Miss Alanius (Miscellaneous)
Misty Meanor (Misdemeanor)
Mitch Again (Michigan)
Moe DeLawn (Moe the Lawn)
Moe Lester (Molester)
Moe Skeeto (Mosquito)
Myra Maines (My Remains)
Mysha Long (My Shlong)

Nadia Seymour (Now do you see more?)
Nida Lyte (Need a Light)
Neil B. Formy (Kneel Before Me)
Nick O'Teen (Nicotine)
Nick Ovtime (Nick Of Time)

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