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And so, the end is near, so turn away, if you’re a git face. My friends, I say it clear, if you are a tit, you may become red-faced. The names, that are now on show, are a list, of the most de-faced. But don’t fret, I will be here, because I am shit-faced. All together now – Obla-di – Obla-do – Obla-da – haiii – la-la-la-laaa life goes on...

The Baby Name Wizard

Opie Umsgood (Opium's Good)
Otto B. Kilt (Ought to be Killed)
Otto Whackew (Ought to Whack You)

Paige Turner (Page Turner)
Patty O'Furniture (Patio Furniture)

Peter Pantz (Peed her pants)
Phil A. Delphia (Philadelphia)
Phil Atio (Fellatio)
Phil DeGrave (Fill the grave)
Phil McCracken (Fill My Crack In)
Phil Myez (Feel My Ass)
Polly Esther Pantts (Polyester Slacks)
Pussy Galore (YEAH, BABY, YEAH!)

Ray N. Carnation (Reincarnation)
Ray Pugh (Rape You)
Renee Sance (Renaisance)
Richard Cranium (Well...another name for "Dick Head") 
Rick O'Shea (Ricochet)
Rip Tile (Reptile)
Rita Book (Read a Book)
Robin D.Craydle (Robbing the Cradle)
Robin Banks (Robbing Banks)
Robin Meeblind (Robbing Me Blind)

Sam Manilla (Salmonella)
Sam Pull (Sample)
Samson Night (Samsonite)
Seymour Butts (See more butts)
Sheri Cola (Cherry Cola)
Sherman Wadd Evver (Sure Man, Whatever)
Shirley U. Jest (Surely You Jest)
Sid Down (Sit Down)
Stan Dup (Stand up)
Stu Padasso (Stupid Asshole)
Sue Case (Suitcase)
Sue E. Side (Suicide)
Sue Permann (Superman)
Sue Shi (Sushi)
Sue Ridge (Sewage)

Tanya Hyde (Tan Your Hide)
Ted E. Baer (Teddy Bear)
Telly Vision (Television)
Tess Tickle (Testicle)
Tim Burr (Timber)
Tina See (Tennessee)
Ty Tannick (Titanic)
Ty Tass (Tight Ass)
Tyrone Shoes (Tie Your Own Shoes)Val Crow (Velcro)

Val Lay (Valet)
Val Veeta (Velveeta)
Vlad Tire (Flat Tire)
Walter Melon (Watermelon)
Warren Piece (War and Peace)
Wayne Deer (Reindeer)
Wayne Kerr (Wanker)
Willie Maykit (Will He Make It?)
Winnie Dipoo (Winnie the Pooh)

Yerma Wildo (Your Mom Will Do)
Yule B. Sari (You'll Be Sorry)
Zoltan Pepper (Salt and Pepper)

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