Do you know what is one of the most heart-breaking afflictions of all time? Physical – yes – to a degree – as this does grate very maliciously on the marrow. Mental – yes again – this I have to agree with also – as this does also grate very briskly on the brain. However, from my own personal opinion, one of the most heart-breaking afflictions can be found simply on your name.

The Most Complete Baby Name Book

Achilles Punks (I'll Kill These Punks)
Adam Sapple (Adam's Apple)
Al B. Zienya (I'll Be Seeing You)
Al Kaholic (Alcoholic)
Al Kickurass (I'll Kick Your Ass)
Al Killeu (I'll Kill You)
Alpha Kenny Wun (I'll Fuck Anyone)
Alec Tricity (Electricity)
Alex Blaine Layder (I'll Explain Later)
Allota Fagina (A lot of vagina, YEAH-BABY-YEAH!)
Amanda Hugnkiss (A Man to Hug and Kiss)
Anita Bath (I Need A Bath)
Anita Hoare (I Need A Whore)
Ann B. Dextrous (Ambidextrous)
Annie Buddyhome (Anybody Home)
Annie Mah (Enema)
Ariel Hassle (A Real Hassle)
Artie Choke (Artichoke)
Aunty Biotic (Anti-Biotic)

Barb Dwyer (Barbed Wire)
Barry D. Hatchett (Bury the Hatchett)
Bea O'Problem (B.O. Problem)
Bea Sting (Bee Sting)
Ben Dover (Bend Over)
Bess Twishes (Best Wishes)
Betty Bangzer (Bet He Bangs Her)
Betty Beatzer (Bet He Beats Her)
Betty Humpser (Bet He Humps Her)
Bill Board (Billboard)
Bill Ding (Building)
Boyd Schidt (Bird Shit)
Brice Tagg (Price Tag)

Cal Culator (Calculator...duh)
 Candice B. Fureal (Can This Be For Real)
Carl Arm (Car Alarm)
Carlotta Tendant (Car Lot Attendant)
Carrie DeKoffin (Carry the Coffin)
Carrie Oakey (Karaoke)
Chanda Lear (Chandalear)
Clara Nett (Clarinet)
Colin Allcars (Calling all Cars)
Colleen Cardd (Calling Card)
Connie Lingus (Cunnilingus)
Curt N. Rodd (Curtain Rod)
Curt Zee (Curtsy)
Cy Burns (Sideburns)
Cy Kosis (Psychosis)

Dan Druff (Dandruff)
Danielle Soloud (Don't Yell So Loud)
Darius Lesgettham (There He Is, Let's Get Him)
Darrell B. Moore (There'll be More)
Dick Gozinia (Dick Goes In Ya)
Dick Tater (Dictator)
Didi Reelydoit (Did He Really Do It?)
Douglas S. Halfempty (The Glass is Half Empty)
Drew Blood (Drew Blood)
Drew Peacock (Droopy Cock)

Ed Ible (Edible)
Ed Jewcation (Education)
Eileen Dover (I Leaned Over)
Ella Vader (Elevator)
Ellis Dee (L.S.D)
Eric Shun (Erection)
Eve Ning (Evening)
Ewan Whatarmy (You and What Army?)

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