Extraordinary Chicken OK, I know that this may sound like a silly question to ask, but do you like to read? Fair enough, its not everybody’s cup of tea, I know – and can seem to be a chore within this more media driven marketplace. But still, that is not to say that people nowadays don’t like to gage facts, information, and visual stimuli, in the old fashion way – with retina against page. Interesting concept, huh? Just like...

Let me tell you a story about my mate Roger, and how he came upon a rather strange discovery within his farm. Roger has some chickens in his farm – nice looking chickens too – all of them groomed, bold, healthy, and primed for the next Mcnugget happy meal. However, my mate Roger – being a somewhat fastidious chap – always like’s for his poultry to be content before he cuts them up into small little bits and then sells them to a fast-food chain of restaurants. And by in large he is successfully in this endeavour – except for one chicken – Cameron.  

Dancing Chicken
Day in, day out, Cameron would mope about Rogers yard, and sulk in a rather maulding way, pining for God know what in that feathered manner of hers. Now Roger has tried his best to make her feel happy, with different types of music – different foliage by her coup – and different companions to keep her company. Then suddenly, one day, by chance, while reading a magazine, Roger accidentally tossed it by Cameron’s side. And do you know what happened next? Cameron loved it. She was glued to this four colour tabloid all day long, pecking at it’s pages as if her very life depended on it.

Now Roger did try to take this glossy ledger away from Cameron – but she would not have it – and just stuck to her guns with feathered frenzy, pecking at him whenever he would try to prise it away. So what do you think that my mate Roger did next? He bought for this chicken a couple of cheap magazine subscriptions  with, and the rest is now history.

True story – Cameron is now one of the most well respected chickens in the coup, and produces some of the best quality eggs as well. And with this extra income coming in, Roger is thankful that he has subscribed to this reasonably priced service too.

Oh! What does Cameron like to read? Anything really, FHM – Country Living – or Good Housekeeping – she isn’t as fastidious as my mate Roger you know. So when you got the time, check out, it’s well worth an egg or two – a good egg that is.