Mr. And Mrs. Smith Cover Tom and Jerry. Laurel and Hardy. And Husbands and Wives. What’s the difference? Hmmm?  Personally speaking – nothing much really. All three partnerships are bio-metrically opposed, full of emotion, and comical in nature – just like this film Directed by Doug Liman; and Starring: Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Vince Vaughn, and Kerry Washington. It was made in 2005 and lasts for 120 minutes.

Mr. And Mrs. Smith

Now you would have thought that by first meeting in war-torn Columbia, and after five years of marriage together (make that six), super-sexy couple, John and Jane Smith (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) would be fairly content by now?

Well, on a surface level – yes – yes they are.

Underneath, though, they do not know that the other one is a trained assassin whom works for rival firm – killing designated targets in there own inalienable way. Worst still, is that when they are both assigned to kill the same target – Benjamin "The Tank" Danz (Adam Brody) – this failed chance encounter prompts their interest that the opposing party is not whom they appear to be.

So what do they do about it? Well, after a bumbled confrontation, Jane goes to her ally – Jasmine (Kerry Washington) – and John goes to his – Eddie (Vince Vaughn) – and separately they tell their ally's about the dilemma that they are currently in. Moreover, the very next day, they put their own feelings into actions – Jane and her cohorts ransack her own home for clues on John’s identity – whilst John infiltrates Jane’s place of work to test her resolve.

Results – inconclusive.

Now after a ploy in which John feigns his own death, John and Jane’s next couple of encounters are somewhat more physical in nature. Firstly, with dancing and a bombing in the restaurant that John proposed to Jane in, BANG-TAP! Secondly, with shooting and a punching within there marital home, POW-SLAP! But ultimately, with kissing and shagging on the living room floor, OOOFFF!

OK, so does that make everything fine now between John and Jane? Err - yes and no. Yes, because they come clean to each other concerning their true nature. And no, because they do this whilst they are under attack by unknown assailants.

Please note, when I say ‘unknown’, after this battle, both John and Jane meet up with Fred - whom tells them both about the real reason behind this attack – before explaining to them that to resolve “this issue”, they then have to capture "The Tank".

Still, I suppose that is why what next transpires is a right marital affair all in all. As revelations are made - confrontations are played - and counselling is conveyed.

OK, I have to admit, at first, I was not too keen in watching 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith'. I just though to myself that this was going to be one of those ‘beautifying’ rom-coms full of superficial poses and a dreadful story line. Well – come on – ‘the pretty people’ – Brad and Angelina – are in it. Plus the pretext of two assassins finding out after five year of marriage who they really are – seemed f*cking stupid to me.

However, I am thankful to say that I was partially wrong in my presumption, because this is one very enjoyable film.

Brad and Angelina in Mr. And Mrs. Smith

Granted, on a superficial level, this movie is very 'pretty-pretty America' – with both of the lead actors showing off there more cosmetic attributes, as well as being the best of the best at everything they do. But whilst saying this, they also keep you entertained in a plot that could have easily fallen by the way side, all due to the silly nature of the piece.

It's silly in tone – it's silly in story – and it's silly in essence. Nevertheless, Brad and Angelina are able to turn silly into sexy, and propel this film onto a roller coaster ride of hills and valleys, leading you – unfortunately – to the inevitable conclusion. 

Mr. And Mrs. Smith Getting Nude

Personally speaking, there were a lot of enjoyable thing’s to watch in ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’. For a start, I found Brad’s character to be more grounded compared to Angelina’s, and the fight between them both was just a blast to watch as well.

Please note, this 'action scene' was not great in a pervy sort of a way – oh no – rather, in a way that the fight in itself was balanced, comical, and had an almost lyrical tone to it, as if it was composed to music.

In fact, the most compelling thing about this film, was the lead up to, and the numerous battle between, Brad and Angelina. Also, I did like the way in which this film was bookmarked with the marriage counselling seasons – almost lending this movie with a ‘Woody Allen’ type feel to it. 

Angelina Jolie Sexy

However, where this film falters, is the rest of it. Vince’s and Kerry’s characters are hardly seen in the film, and there respective parts appeared too fleeting in tone, almost giving them an exposition like vibe. Moreover, the sub-plot involving ‘The Tank’, likewise, appeared to be used as a fleeting device to instigate and then resolve the dilemma that the main protagonist were in.

Too play it by number I’m afraid – and clearly stated at such too.

Overall, this is a fairly enjoyable film to watch. It doesn't take itself too seriously – it has some very nice cosmetic touches to it – and it looks very pretty too. So if you are a fan of films like ‘Mission Impossible’ – ‘Oceans Eleven’ – or ‘Tomb Raider’, this will be right up your alley... so to speak.


MR. & MRS. SMITH MR. & MRS. SMITH Reviewed by David Andrews on July 15, 2011 Rating: 5
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