Final encounters are usually climatic endeavors full of splendour, majesty, and spectacle. If they were not, then I am sure that these ‘ultimate showdowns’ would be given a less glamorous title – such as wysiwyg or something. Do you know what should have been called wysiwyg? This issue of Teen Titans, Written by J T Krul; Drawn by Jose Luis; and Published by DC Comics in July 2011.    

Previously, when she was a young girl, Solstice’s father told her a tale about a ‘Monkey God’ whom saved the world from Rankors darkness.

Today, upon the battlefields of Rankors rustic realm, Beast Boy and Solstice make there final stand to save their friends – the Teen Titans – from the nefarious clutches of the ten armed deity, Rankor. However, before they can go and attempt this, they have to fight there way through a swarm of monsters within Rankors enthral.

And can they accomplish this task? Well – at first – not really – that is until Beast Boy taps into a portion of his soul that he has not delved into before, and then transforms himself into a ‘Monkey God’ (That’s what Solstice calls him anyway). And now with this extra added edge behind him, Beast Boy and his bright ally save the Teen Titans, and interrupt Rankor’s plans.

Unfortunately, though – it does not end there! As Raven is deterred – monsters are stirred – and Solstice has the final word. To be continued...

Hmmm? Now if I were a doctor, how would I diagnose this comic book? A terminal case? Needs medication? Or in dire need of full blown surgery? Well – personally speaking – I think that it would just need medication for now, as there is signs of weakening within the storyline, a slight abrasion to the artwork, but generally speaking it is in fairly malleable condition.

What saves this issue of the ‘Teen Titans’ – for me – would have to be Beast Boys dialogue scene whilst he is fighting the wave of monsters’.  I found it very well constructed, as it tried to chronicle Gar’s frame of mind in both a historical and revealing context. If you have been a Gar fan for any period of time, you might has gathered that within the last couple of years, DC doesn’t seem to know what to do with him. Is he a teen hero? Is he a retro-slacker? Or is he something else entirely? And do you know what – he doesn’t know – what’s what makes this narrative very revealing for him – but not to the story as a whole.

The rest of this issue... well... it just doesn’t cut the mustard for me. The story is basically: (1) Quick flashback. (2) Heroes fight. (3) Heroes adapt. (4) Heroes save their friends. And (5) To be continued. No war and peace by any means, but rather a fleeting penultimate battle that was very confusing in places. For a start, the whole ‘Monkey King’ thing seemed like a last minute device employed by Krul –  and then, the way that Beast Boy and Solstice just saved the Titans, only for Rankor to seemingly let them... WHAT THE HELL? Am I missing something here? Like a bit of story or something? If you understood this section better than I did, then can you explain it to me please? Otherwise, I think – like this conclusion – this issue of the Teen Titans was a maudlin one – and in dire need of some medication.