I do find it very disturbing, when I think about how endings and beginnings always unequivocally linked together. Just think about it for a bit – when you snuff it – someone else with become un-snuffed – just like Writer: J.T. Krul; Artist: Nicola Scott; and Publisher: DC Comics, in August 2011. 

It’s do or die time in Rankors underground realm – with the newly freed Teen Titan’s ready to do battle – and Rankor with his ug-faced minions ready to fight back. And do they fight back? Yes – yes they do – managing to give Ravager a nasty little prick, before a nice little prick saves her from too much harm, Superboy. However, not only are the Teen Titans amongst the throws of combat, oh no, their ally is too, Solstice – whom is battling Rankor one on one.

POW! BASH! And, CLANG! Are some of the sound effects that you may hear upon this rustic plane, as well as the sudden triumphant cheer when the good guys win, and the bad guys loose. As at the end of the day – demons fall – a God tumbles – Titans rise – dynamics are altered – Raven is deterred – and Solstice becomes a new Teen Titans.

Now is this the beginning of the beginning? Or the beginning of the end?

I am sure that you are all too familiar with Saturday Morning television, most notably, cartoons. Well, you know the way in which some of the more cheesy cartoons do seem rather placid in tone, and find a way to make everything look pretty, when they should not be? If so – great – you just picked up one of the main reasons’ why I thought that this issue of Teen Titans was so naff. But if you didn’t, here, have a look at this...

OK, so now everybody can see what I am driving at (and please don’t say a car), you must gage the general impression I have about this comic book. Though I am sure that you are still wondering to yourself, if this is a good thing or a bad thing, right? Hmm? Well, it’s one of those good things with a ‘but’, or bad things with a ‘however’ – with the ‘however’ edging into the lead by a nudge. Fair enough, I can understand why the current creative team on this book – Krul and Scott – want to make this series more ‘kiddie friendly’. Nevertheless, this is not to say that it has to be for people whom still have there food cut up for them, does it. Come on guys – you know that you can do better than this paint it by numbers conclusion. Heck, I knew from the second page of this book, how it was going to end.

Still, to juxtapose this stance a smidgen, I do have to admit that there is a form of simplistic charm to the overall tale (not just the conclusion). As in essence, the overall arc is about a young girl who discovers her birth-right – like the Golden Child but without Eddie Murphy, hEhEHEEE!  And in my book, that is the only thing that saves this book – that – plus whatever else is going to happen to his team next within the DCNu.

Have you seen the picture of the ‘New Teen Titans’? Click here for a quick look-see, and tell me what you think about it. Personally, I don’t mind Red-Robin’s wing, but the rest of them look like they need a shower. Anyway, here’s looking at the future.