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Don’t you find that some people react to time in a strange way? As when you are younger you want to look older, when you are older you want to look younger, and when you are half-dead you want to look half-alive. Its true – right? Just as true as Writer: Jason Aaron; Artist: Renato Guedes; and Publisher: Marvel Comics – but only in July 2011.

Whilst Wolverine continues his battle with the next mercenary hired by the Right Red Hand – a dominatrix whom goes by the name of Shadow Stalker – another elderly member of this organisation recollects her origins and her hatred for Wolverine.

Even at a young age, ‘Sister’, has had a troubled life. Her Father was a manic-depressive with conspiracy constantly plaguing his mind – mutant conspiracy. And one night, in the cover of darkness, he was relinquished of this torment when Wolverine killed him stone dead.

The next time Wolverine enters ‘Sisters’ life, is after she married a man with a similar disposition to her fathers. This time however, Wolverine is accompanied by Victor Creed, whom rips her husband to bit due to his ‘anti-mutant’ leaning’s. 

Over time, this terrible run of tragedy brings ‘Sister’ into the arms of the founder of the Right Red Hand. And even though she is somewhat hesitant to maintain her loyalty with this organisation, she perseveres – staining her hands in the process.

Eventually, ‘Sister’ finishes her recount and Wolverine stands victorious – but Daken rears his ugly head, just not in the way that you might think. To be continued...

OK, so with this second instalment of ‘Wolverines Revenge’, I think that we are getting a general idea of where this arc is going. Presently, it appears that with each issue, Wolverine is going to fight some nut-job, whilst a member of the ‘Right Red Hand’ recollects there origins.

Hmm? Now what do I think about this? Intrigued due to the structure? Perturbed due to the consistency? Agitated due to the laziness in forethought? Or wondering if I have left the fridge door open?

Oh! One minute... [A minute later]

No – the fridge is closed – but as for the rest of these statements, they are wide open to interpretation. Well, laying out a consistent structure over a story-arc, can be somewhat bi-polar when you come to think about it. Plus, this ‘system of storytelling’ would adder to things like consistency, predetermination, and also a story-device commonly used to instigate a twist at the end (as seen in this issue). What I mean by this latter remark, is that if a writer keeps on going down the same road structurally time and again, readers will become more shocked when said writer takes a sudden left turn (so to speak). 

And what do I think about this issues left turn? Daken! Hmm? Too early to say as of yet – all I can say is that at the moment it is in character for him to be a part of this organisation, but how far he is involved is difficult to say. Personally speaking, I just hope that he is there just to cut their hair and perform a pedicure – but I doubt that very much, don’t you?

By in large, I did not mind this issue at all. The art by Guedes was very nice in places, and as for the story... well? The fight was stupid and asinine, and the ‘flashback’ sequences’ were kind of cool – and though similar to the previous issue – ‘Sister’ seems more sympathetic as a character than the Leader was, and not a manipulative either. Fairly good issue.


WOLVERINE #11 WOLVERINE #11 Reviewed by David Andrews on July 14, 2011 Rating: 5
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