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Anger is a terrible emotion to possess. It clouds your judgement – it makes you cold and bitter inside – and it can steer your future in a direction that you never wished was true. And do you know who else wishes that there future could be steered in a different direction? Writer: Jason Aaron; Artist: Renato Guedes; and Publisher: Marvel Comics – especially in August 2011.

Whilst Wolverine battles the next batch of bad-guys within the Red Right Hand’s lair – Fire Knifes and Saw-Fist – from afar, a truck driver recollects his own hatred for Ol’ Logan. This began some time age, when the truck driver was taking his pregnant wife to hospital. As during there travels, their car collided with Wolverine while he was battling the Hulk – resulting in the truck drivers wife’s death, and Wolverine to be deemed a savoir in the media. Obviously, this news really grated on the truck-drivers nerves, and steered him down a path of hatred – violent – drunkenness – and desolation. Still, the Red Right Hand broke his fall, and managed to put him back on the beaten track again – there beaten track.

Back in the present, Wolverine is successful with his battle with Fire Knifes and Saw-Fist, though the truck driver isn’t so successful in what he wants to do with Wolverine next, BANG! Never mind though, as a malevolent demon-spanned being is at hand – the same one who coerced the truck driver all those years a go. Hmmm? To be continued me thinks.

So we are getting there, huh? One-step closer to figuring out what the hell is going to happen to Wolverine, though we don’t have to figure out ‘the why’. By now, it is plainly obvious to see what this arc is all about – revenge – and why this has come about to begin with. This segment though, unlike some of the other segments, tells a more personable recap, about a working class stiff who was thrown a cure ball in life – and blames Wolverine for this.

Now I have to say, that out of the three similarly structured chapters presented so far – I did prefer this one the most. Personally speaking, I put it down to the ‘truck drivers’ pedigree, as he is not a wealthy millionaire – like the leader – or a lady plagued with father issues – like the nice old dear. Listen now, I am not saying that I didn’t care for those other two members of the ‘Red Right Hand’, I am just saying that I could identify with the ‘truck driver’ on a more grounded level (which is strange, as I don’t drive). In addition to this, I also liked the way that the overall story is starting to develop, with each chapter telling: (1) Wolverines battle with someone whom he inevitably beats. (2) A member of the ‘Red Right Hand’ telling a tale of woe. And (3) A little tit bit about the ‘Red Right Hands’ universal origin coming to light. 

Fair enough, there is a certain amount of predictability about these things. But still, that is the structure this creative team of Aaron and Guedes have decided upon, and continue to comply with until its’ conclusion. All in all this was a fairly nice issue of Wolverine, and am genuinely looking forward to see what will happen next issue.


WOLVERINE #12 WOLVERINE #12 Reviewed by David Andrews on July 24, 2011 Rating: 5
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